WWE to Split Raw & Smackdown Into Separate Brands Again?

As wrestling fans, we can all admit that WWE hasn’t been as entertaining as we know it can be and once was. One of the things that made it interesting was the brand split. “What’s the brand split?” you ask? Well, each show had a General Manager and they conducted a draft of the WWE Superstars & Divas to each show. Once the person was selected, they were exclusive to either Raw or Smackdown. It was an interesting way to get ratings up as you had to watch a specific show to see your favorite sports entertainer. The brand split dissolved a few years ago and some fans have been saying how WWE “needs” to return to it. Leave it to Mattel to possibly give us a spoiler!

Smackdown is moving to the USA Network in 2016 and there have been rumors that it may switch to being a Live show. There are also rumors that WWE has big plans and changes in store which is why they may not be too quick to change up the show as it’s currently airing on SyFy. So how does Mattel tie into this? They produce the main line of WWE action figures, their Basic series shipping every month. It’s around this time of year that we start to see upcoming product that will end 2015 and start us into 2016. Every year, Mattel modifies the packaging in terms of shape, size and graphics. So far, they’ve released images for their Battle Pack Series 37 and the graphics featured lead me to believe WWE may be heading back towards splitting up the roster for Raw & Smackdown. Makes sense since they consider NXT the official third brand. WrestlingFigures.com have posted the images to Battle Packs Series 37 as shown:

As you can see, The Usos have the Raw brand logo on their packaging while J & J Security and The Ascension are rocking the Smackdown logo. What do you all think? Do you think Mattel maybe jumped the gun? Can we see a brand split coming soon? Does the WWE need one? Sound off below in the comments!

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