WWE & Jakks Pacific Sign New Toy Deal


Ugh. I guess that sums up how I feel about this announcement. While I’d like to say I’m on the fence, if “Ugh” is the first thing that I can think of when I think about this, then it’s probably how I really feel. As the title states, WWE has signed a new deal with toy company, Jakks Pacific, as I’ve read on PWMania & Wrestlezone.

Jakks held the WWF/E license from 1996 all the way through December of 2009. Now, Mattel currently produces about 99% of WWE action figures and will continue to do so through 2019 so the question remains, what will Jakks bring to the table?

The new WWE Jakks toys will hit stores in 2016 and will include products for everyday dress up, role-play, radio control vehicles, seasonal costumes and Jakks’ 3D IT Character Creator brand, as well as action figures across the Asia-Pacific region.

Here is a quote from Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President of Consumer Products:

“In addition to our long-standing master toy partnership with Mattel, we are excited to expand our toy portfolio with a company as innovative and creative as JAKKS Pacific. This new line of products will bring to life our favorite WWE Superstars and Divas in a new way that we are sure our fans and collectors of all ages will enjoy.”

Ummmm, speak for yourself. While I’m a fan of their super cheesy looking Bone-Crunching action lines, it was the Tron Ready/Real Scan stuff that started to kill it for me. Not because of the face scans because those were gorgeous, but because Jakks would cheap out more often than not and give damn near every figure the same body mold. Why were Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker the same height? Laziness. The good thing here is that Mattel will continue the amazing job they’ve started in 2010. Here’s hoping WWE extends their master license with Mattel way past 2019.

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