What is SuperZero?!?

I love social media. Sure, it can sometimes cause idiotic drama that shouldn’t have started to begin with, you get thousands of memes, pictures of peoples kids, funny videos, news and tons of other things. One more thing I love about it is being able to interact with your favorite comic professionals! Over on Facebook, fan favorite writer, Jimmy Palmiotti has decided to tease us with his latest project.


“HERE is an example of the art from our new book for AfterShock Comics called SUPERZERO. Amanda and I are writing this ongoing monthly title featuring the talents of Rafael de Latorre and Marcello Maiolo on art and John J Hill on letters. This comes out in December. Trust me, if you enjoy Harley Quinn and Starfire, then you will want to give this a try. Please pre order it with your local retailer, because it will be sold out if you don’t.”

There it is folks! Make sure to get those preorders in! The image alone has piqued my (and others on his page) interest!

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