Ultimate FF #1 Review


Ultimate FF #1
(Marvel $3.99 Apr. 16, 2014)

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Mario Guevara

The Future Foundation makes it’s first appearance in the Ult. U. Susan Storm, Agent Coulson, Iron Man, Falcon and Danny Ketch/Machine Man make up the team so far. They’re dealing with fall out from Galactus, trans dimensional anomalies left behind, and bringing together the worlds most intelligent people to solve future threats. Iron Man’s suit design is awful and when did Danny Ketch become Machine Man?? Those complaints aside this was still a mediocre comic. It did have one redeeming quality the appearance of a new possible member, Dr. Doom. I know we saw this is the 616 FF a few years ago but this is the Doom. The weird hoofed one who first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four, not the one Ben Grim killed at the end of Ultimatum. That alone brings me back for issue 2, the best part of an otherwise lack luster issue.

1.5 Star

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