Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #17 Review


Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #17
(DC Comics $2.99 Mar. 5, 2014)

Written By: J.M. Dematteis
Art By: Fernando Blanco & Diego Olmos

I’ve been following this comic since it started, but this current storyline has bored me. The storyline in question is Forever Evil: Blight. It runs through Phantom Stranger, Pandora, Constantine, and Justice League Dark, in so many parts I have lost track. Some of these issue are unbearable to read and hard to get through. That said this issue wasn’t so horrible. Stranger, Pandora, and Cassandra Craft (not sure who she is exactly) are seeking help in freeing the other magic users from Felix Faust and Nick Necro. The issue starts with some confrontation with the Spectre, and an appearance by the voice of god (the little dog if you have been following this series, if not now you know). Stranger ends up seeking the aide of Trigon’s sons, but they are not so quick to help since he trick them in a previous issue ( #6). Belial wants Cassandra as his concubine, but the Stranger is not having it. For some reason which he doesn’t understand he feels compelled to protect Cassandra. Lucky for him Belial is playing games, what really wants is the Strangers necklace. He gets what he asks for and a taste of the burden it carries and cries out to be freed from it. This has been one of the better issues since FE:Blight started. Hopefully this keeps up otherwise I won’t be sticking around.

1.5 Star

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