The Woods #1 Review


The Woods #1
(BOOM Studios $3.99 May 7, 2014)

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Michael Dialynas

James Tynion has crafted a interesting story with The Woods. I wasn’t sure what I was getting, and what I got was good. Bay Point Preparatory High School students are having a normal day. Pressure to get into college, being the geek no one likes or understands, unrequited love, and some streaking. In a flash of light shit gets real…….horrific. The students and their school are transported. The faculty are trying to protect the kids, they think staying put will keep them safe. Some students know better. They’re planing on leaving the school and finding some answers. The school is attacked by beastly monsters whom consume a student. Not off to a bad start, imo. Seems like a mix of Resident Evil and Battle Royale with a little teen angst mixed in. At any rate this was a good start for an original Sci-Fi/Horror story.

3 Star

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