The Witcher #1(of 5) Review


The Witcher #1(of 5)
(Dark Horse Comics $3.99 Mar. 19 ,2014)

Written By:Paul Tobin
Art By: Joe Querio

Never heard of this title before and felt it was ripe for review. After reading this I discovered there are books and games based on The Witcher. That said I was surprised by this book. At first I thought oh just another hack and slash set in a fantasy realm but it was not. I enjoyed this so much that I am looking forward to the next issue. The main character a monster hunter who goes by the name Geralt. He meets a Hunter whom he shares a meal, wine, and learns of the Hunters dead yet not so dead wife. This story is was very good and the dialogue kept me in it. If this series does well I’m sure we will see more from Geralt the monster hunter, and that would be cool with me.


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