Takara Finally Making a Shockwave Masterpiece! What Do I Do with My Fanstoys’ Quakwave?


For the last several years, 3rd party company Fanstoys has had a Shockwave Masterpiece like character out named Quakewave, shown in the first photo.  The price for him was steadily going up from the retail price of about $179 to anywhere  between $350-$500. It now seems that all has changed. Takara released official pictures for the Masterpiece line of Shockwave and Hot Rod Version 2.0. Although they have made a previous Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime before, the situation is much different for Shockwave. He is a more desired character and one that many thought Takara would not make or at least not any time soon. I personally own Quakewave and in no way am I sorry that I bought him. I decided when I purchased him that if Takara made their own version, I wouldn’t mind and still don’t. Why? Two reasons:

1: Quakewave will definitely have more die-cast parts, especially in the legs than Shockwave & I doubt Shockwave will have a separate light up feature in his eye and gun arm and I prefer Quakwaves’ bulkier legs to the more G1 accurate slim legs on Shockwave.

2: Should we buy Shockwave? Yes, I love Takara and do want an official one for my shelf but if I had only one choice based on the pictures and what I know of the way Takara has been making the Masterpiece line, I’d go with the Quakewave but to be honest, I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice right now. Shockwave is pre-ordered at about $179 and Quakewave has been re-released in different color shades and the original release is bound to deflate from it’s ridiculous high price. So don’t worry if you have a Quakewave and do not have the means to own a Takara Shockwave. I feel Quakewave will be sufficient to fill the void and if you get both, then keep them both. One thing is clear; there is room for all versions of him and many other characters and I’m sure we will continue to get them. Happy Hunting!

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