Superior Carnage #3 Review


Superior Carnage #3
(Marvel Comics $3.99 Sept 18, 2013)

Written by Kevin Shinick
Art by Stephen Segovia

Three issues in and finally we get some Superior Carnage, wtf took so long. I mean I’m familiar with the slow burn but jeez, ya only got 6 issues dude hurry up a bit huh. So The Wizard (who is bat shit crazy thanks to Black Bolt(See issue #7 of FF)) has finally created his Superior Carnage. At first I was all like “Cool!” and then he did the costume change and I was like “NO!”. I didn’t know what to expect but Superior Carnage seems more like Venom Red. And Klaw, what friggin rock did that guy climb out from under. So far this series is ok, it’s not great by any means. I personally expected a lot more from it than what was given, was thinking we would get Superior Spider-Man’s first real challenge. Really with three issues left that remaining I guess something could go down to make me change my mind. If you like Superior Spider-Man and Carnage pick this up but at this point I gotta tell ya not to expect to much (although the Wizard has made me chuckle here and there)

1.5 Star

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