Son of Batman

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If you are a Damian Wayne fan then you will love this movie. If not then you probably won’t.

Son of Batman is one of my least favorite films in the DCAU. The movie is loaded with alot of inconsistent scenes. The biggest to me being that he beats Ubu to the point of him being put in the ICU but then gets knocked unconscious when a Man-Bat bumps into him.


Deathstroke is the main antagonist in this film which was exciting to me because Slade Wilson is my favorite DC character but they do not do him justice. His look is awesome but the voice actor seems like he came from a daytime soap opera and he was definitely not the deadliest assassin in the DCU. It was cool to see him lead the League of Shadows temporarily though.

This movie caused me to not like the Damian Wayne Robin because of the storytellers over-exaggerated version. Like him swimming 50 miles to an oil rig before the final fight of the movie.

Overall if you want to see an “origin” story for the newest Robin, then I guess it is worth watching. This movie was not for me. The best thing I can say about it is there is a trailer for Assault on Arkham.

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