Secret Origins #1 Review


Secret Origins #1
(DC Comics $4.99 Apr. 23, 2014)

Written by Tony Bedard, Kyle Higgins, Greg Pak
Art by Lee Bermejo, Andy Kubert

New ongoing from DC just hit (last month anyway) giving us the origins for the New 52. First up Superman, not a whole lot different here, Told from his mothers’ perspective, both Lara and Martha. This time around we are shown the great love instilled in baby Kal by Lara and Martha’s sense of that love in him. Kind of a weird acknowledgment of both mothers of each other. Next up Dick Grayson, again not much different. He’s a good kid, his parents are proud. They die, we all know the rest. And Supergirl, who was just the same. I am sure you see a pattern here. So my rating won’t surprise you. Not saying this series is not worth checking out, but this issue is a definite pass.

1 Star

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