Red Tornado Joins CBS’s Supergirl


Spoiler photos of Red Tornado dropped and its rather unfortunate that they did. Far be it from me to poo poo all over something I haven’t seen in action yet (cause we all know I never do that) Red Tornado looks atrocious. What is this? A throw back from the 90’s era Flash. Come on CBS! This wouldn’t have been OK twenty five years ago, why is it OK now. First off how can one even call him the Red Tornado seeing as he is hardly red and more maroon. Second, is he supposed to be Vision’s love child with a Dirt Devil? I know he’s not human but those contacts look awful and that weird fabric the suit is made of….it looks all glittery…..what the hell is that? Dare I say if we had gotten a shiny plastic/latex look with the eye and mouth slits(think JLU animated series) it might have been better. Obviously the show runners for Supergirl are taking some cues from Man of Steel(see bland washed out colors). I like many of us saw the pilot and had high hopes for this show. While I still believe it will be good I can’t say the same for old Red. Unless they pull something in post ala Apcolypse (while he still doesn’t look great not looking like Ivan Ooze is a step in the right direction) my hope for a good take on Red Tornado are dashed. Now I’m not basing this on aesthetics only, after all he is been named T.O. Morrow. Another huge misstep, IMHO, seeing as he was not T.O. Morrow but a creation of his and then some. He looks terrible to me, yet judging off what limited info we have I could be wrong but I doubt it. If I am I will be the first to admit it. It’s just the waiting game till the show airs and we see him in action. Supergirl premieres on CBS October 26th. I’m hoping for another great show from the DC/WB stable.

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