Pre-conceived Judgement

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It seems to be the trend now a days to form opinions about everything before you even have anything to base it on. It’s especially popular in the world of comics and movies. Before a trailer is even released, movies are already being praised or condemned. All it takes is a rumor that a movie might be made or that a character might appear and everyone has already made up their minds of whether they will like it or not.
I am personally guilty of this myself. I understand being excited or not about a movie but forming a preconceived opinion before giving something a chance takes away from a movie experience you could’ve otherwise enjoyed.
The worst part about people doing this is the social media bashing of a movie they haven’t even seen. This one is especially aggravating because not only are people ruining a movie they could’ve possibly enjoyed but they are trying to ruin it for others based off of nothing.
Fanboys are probably the most guilty of this. Some hate movies based on nothing at all except for what company made it. I am a huge DC fanboy at heart but I don’t automatically hate a movie because it’s Marvel characters. I at least try to wait to see it. I am notoriously known for hating the character Deadpool but I loved the movie.
I say all of this because of the undeserved hate that Batman v. Superman has been recieving this week. Most media sites tried sinking the movie calling it a failure before it was even released and fanboys were happy to jump on the bandwagon.
Luckily fans didn’t listen to the bad press and the movie is becoming a success for DC/WB.
My reviews will be done with no preconceived judgement going in; I can guarantee that. I am a fan of story telling and will give everything a fair review based on nothing other than my opinion alone after I watch something.

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