Masterpiece Starscream MP-07 Shipping Soon

Hasbro & Toys ‘R Us are back at it again this year by releasing the next character in their American series of numbered Masterpiece figures; MP-07 Starscream.

MP Starscream was released once before in the US as a Wal-Mart exclusive a few years back but in the last year or so, Takara, the makers of the Japanese MP series decided to create a new mold for the three seeker jets and now that Thundercracker and Skywarp are out, it’s only right we get Starscream. Below is a side by side comparison with the original release on the left side and the new updated version on the right.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

You can definitely see the difference, specifically with the head mold. This marks the 7th figure in this relaunched Transformers Masterpiece TRU series, with MP-06 Prowl coming out earlier this summer. According to the TRU website, it is scheduled to start shipping October 13th, but there are some people who have already had luck on their side and have found it out in the wild.


Transformers Collectors, is this something you’ll be picking up or passing on? I know that our own Toy Reviewer, Alex Martinez is already on the hunt for it as he’s asked me to keep a lookout for it!

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