Justice League vs Teen Titans

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I went into this movie expecting to see the Seniors fighting the Freshmen but the name of the movie is very misleading. The movie really has little to do with what the title suggests. It mostly serves as an origin story for Raven.
That being said, I absolutely loved this movie. I’ve always been a fan of The Teen Titans comics. My favorite character in all of comics, Deathstroke, even originated being a reaccuring villian and sometime ally to the Titans.
I won’t go into details about the movie to avoid giving away any spoilers but it should be a definite must watch for any Teen Titans fan. I really enjoyed the new line-up of members and I was very skeptical at first about how they would mesh together. Some of the Titans we expect are still there. Starfire is the leader now with Raven and Beast Boy also returning. New members Blue Beetle and Damian Wayne round out the group. Cameos from Cyborg and Dick Grayson add a bit of cool nostalgia to the film.
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Thanks to watching Marvel live action movies, I’ve been programed to watch every movie past the credits and Justice League vs Teen Titans does not disappoint. I won’t say what it shows but it did leave me wondering, is a Judas Contract movie coming?

I give Justice League vs. Teen Titans a solid 3 Star

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