Justice League of America #7.3 Review


Justice League of America #7.3
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 18, 2013)

Written by Tom DeFalco
Art by Chad Hardin

Pleasantly surprised by this one since I had expected it to suck. Shadow Thief takes the main stage in this issue and it was actually enjoyable. Not knowing much about Shadow Thief probably helped. I know he was previously a man (some of that good old DC diversity at work) and a Hawkman villain but that’s about it. This may be a case of low expectations so keep that in mind. All origin and set up here, it starts out in the middle of the story and brings you back to the beginning and then full circle. I really think I liked it because the character is unknown to me and ’cause of that I did not expect much. So kiddies if you are a fan of the character check it out, story was solid and the art was alright, if not spend you money on something else of higher quality

1.5 Star

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