Justice League Dark #23.3 Review


Justice League Dark #23.3
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 18, 2013)

Written by Dan Didio
Art by Philip Tan

Eclipso returns in this issue and it was a mediocre come back. Not a horrible issue, the writing was ok (Funny seems Didio can write ok but runs a company for shit), loved Tan’s artwork. Eclipso gets a new host in this issue, maybe his first in the New 52 (don’t quote me on that). I know the Black Diamond has shown up here and there but I am not sure Eclipso has. No tie in to anything here, nor was it an origin of Eclipso. More or less it was just an intro to the new host and some self mutilation. Definitely a middle of the road book with no next appearance for the character in sight. Can’t in good conscience recommend this one, I leave it in your hands. Purchase at you own risk, I know I wouldn’t.

1 Star

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