JLA Coming to Cartoon Network Fall 2016


Photo by Reddit user UninownJ25

Photo by Reddit user UninownJ25

Back in September a picture posted on Reddit showed what looked to be a wall of posters featuring shows in Cartoon Networks current line up. At the end on the line is a poster containing an all to familiar logo, JLA. Speculation ran and has now been confirmed by Cartoon Network that a JLA show is coming in fall of 2016. As of this moment that is all the information available. As fans of DC animation know CN was the home of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Bruce Timm ran both shows and I personally hope he is somehow involved in the new show. I also wonder which version of the JLA will the team consist of. Will they go with the core seven? I’m sure Cyborg will be on the team, but with the popularity on Teen Titans maybe not. Will it be animated in the classic DCAU style or CG? So many more questions spring to mind as my anticipation on this show hits full throttle. As soon as DC and Cartoon Network release more information we here at Comics Remixed will provide our thoughts.

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