Is Takara MP-27 Ironhide A Must Own?

YES YES YES and Hell YES!!!


I know a lot of collectors have been knocking Takara’s latest photos of Masterpiece Ironhide. His body is disproportionate from his head, arms are too long or short, and his face sculpt and the shade of red are off. To all those people with negative opinions, please stop. Takara has taken so long in-between new figures because they take the time to make sure you get an even amount of accuracy and detail in both robot and vehicle mode, all while trying to be true to the overall G1 look. That is not an easy thing to accomplish all while making him transform. Sometimes things will be sacrificed. He will be a new mold from all the other Autobots and Takara will be using this mold to also eventually bring us Ratchet. All we need then is Jazz and most of Primes lieutenants will be with him. I can’t wait for him to be released! I already per-ordered it! Estimated time for shipping is in early January of 2016. Happy Hunting

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