Hulk #1 Review


Hulk #1
(Marvel $3.99 Apr. 16, 2014)

Written by Mark Waid
Art by Mark Bagley

I enjoyed the last Hulk run, also written by Waid. It did start to bore me though. I had reservations about this re launched Hulk with Waid still writing. At first it seemed like a rehash of the Hulk’s origin. Yet told from a newly introduced character from Banner’s past. Now I was expecting something more and was disappointed. Then he pulled the rug (the metaphorical one under your feet grin emoticon ) just a little and the stories pov shifted. Something semi magical happened next. The end of the book……..Spoiler Alert!!! Bruce Banner has “irreversible brain damage”…..damn. Was not what I was expecting but a pleasant surprises, something new. I’ve seen so many different Hulks, but never one where Banner was brain damaged. Over all it was a ok issue and the final reveal was definitely the hook to bring you back for issue 2.


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