Hasbro/Paramount Tease Shared Cinematic Universe


Today, via The Hollywood Reporter, it was announced that Hasbro/Paramount is looking to expand their cinematic universe. This expansion and newly formed cohesive (I use the term lightly) cinematic universe would consist of G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Visionaries, Rom, & Micronaughts. All the Hasbro-owned properties were 80’s Toys and/or cartoon series. The concept of shared universes is a much discussed topic today with Marvel well into their cinematic universe, DC/WB about to kick theirs off, and Fox planning an X-Men shared universe. Is something of this scope even possible to pull off? Granted, we have seen team-ups between G.I. Joe & Transformers in the past via comic book series, but one has to ask can this really work? G.I. Joe has not seen the success of Transformers, which, in my opinion, while able to continue pumping out movies has not seen the success of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Is this really a smart move or something doomed to failure? Sure, some of these properties could definitely work well together; that’s not really the question on my mind, though. That question is, would you want to see this as an expanded U or stand-alone films? As of this writing, it’s all in the air and only time will tell. I, for one, just hope what ever they do I like it better than what they have already done.

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