Gods and Monsters

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    Forget everything you know about the DC Universe while watching Bruce Timm’s Gods and Monsters. Nothing is as you know it to be. This is a movie about the Trinity, but not quite. Superman is no longer the son of Jor El, instead the last son of Krypton is the son of General Zod. Batman is no longer billionaire Bruce Wayne. Batman is none other than Kirk Langstrom, a.k.a Man-Bat. The most interesting to me is that Wonder Woman isn’t Diana of Themiscyra but Becca, the granddaughter of Ares and princess of Apokolips.
    This movie is extremely interesting to me because nothing is the same. Tons of altered cameos throughout the movie. If you are a tradionalist then you may not enjoy this movie but if you enjoy alternate universes, then it is definitely worth checking out.

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    Also there are shorts on youtube of individual stories of each member of the Trinity that came out back before the movie was released and those are really good. The Batman one especially because of their take on Harley Quinn. If you watch the movie on Blu-Ray be sure to check out the special features. There is a great documentary about alternate realities/elsewords that is worth a watch.

    3 Star

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