Flash Gordon #1 Review


Flash Gordon #1
(Dynamite $3.99 Apr. 9, 2014)

Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Evan Shaner

FLASH! AHH AHHHH!!!!! Good to have old Flash Gordon back at it. Not much for set up, Parker just throws you into the mix. We get some slight back story with Flash, Dale and Prof. Zarkov but mostly them being chased by Ming’s troops. Like I said not a lot of set up pre or post Mongo. Was a quick fun read and the characters seemed like the ones I remember just tweaked slightly. It appears Flash is not a Pro Quarterback, but that was never said either. Like I said lot of gray but I’m sure 6 issues in everything will be clearer. If your a fan of Flash or looking for something different this is $4 well spent.

2 Star

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