Detective Comics #23.2 Review


Detective Comics #23.2
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 11, 2013)

Written by Justin Gray
Art by Jimmy Palmiotti

Not seen since the Batman annual, Mr. Freeze makes his chilling return. What a return it is. Like some of the Villains Month titles this one ties into and flashes back giving us a sample of what made Victor who he is and where he is currently. I really feel like this is a little redundant, but damn man, this was a good book. The art was ok, I felt Freeze looked a little small to me but the writing was excellent. Freeze is an insane monster who you just have to like when he kills inmates to save a nurse’s life (she had been kind to him), and the brutality isn’t just there, he murders his Doctor before his escape from Arkham in a poetic fashion. This was a great introduction for one of Batman’s greatest rouges. My only complaint for this issue is that his powers are no longer weapons based. He, like Captain Cold, is physically capable of creating ice (I thought it was a nice change when they did it to Captain Cold, figured this would make him stand out from Freeze, and now he and Cap Cold are basically the same again). Beyond that this was a fantastic issue and definitely worth picking up.

3 Star

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