Dawn of Comic Justice?


The New 52 sought to address a problem that didn’t even really exist. It was believed that the reason comic book sales were down was because there were very few starting points for new readers to jump on board, but like they say, “hind site has 20/20 vision” and we know now that just wasn’t the issue. Even if it would’ve been, DC’s approach was completely wrong.

Changing stories is to be expected and as a reader, often appreciated, but in some cases they completely changed the characters themselves, ignoring what it was that made them fan favorites for decades. Superman being one of the biggest victims of this treatment.

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His look was different, he acted different and even the way he talked was different. Doing this with a B-List character would be a different story but when done to one of your franchise characters, it leaves readers uninvested because it feels like an alternate reality or Elseworld story and you’re just waiting for him to return to normal.

To me the New 52 felt like a straight to video sequel to the original comics. As the sun is setting on The New 52 and we will soon be seeing Rebirth begin, I can’t help but think overall the last few comic years have been a waste; a bunch of time filler issues. It hasn’t produced a single standout story in my opinion. Nothing that will be remembered like “A Killing Joke” or “Dark Knight Returns”. Instead we got “Futures End” and “Convergence” and an empty feeling that comes with feeling like you wasted time and money on comics for the past few years.

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Now we have the promise of a “Rebirth”. Once again starting back at #1’s. I personally hope that Rebirth sticks with the no continuity approach because I firmly believe that it greatly limits storytelling. On the surface everything I’ve read about Rebirth sounds promising. I just hope it isn’t the diehard DC fan in me refusing to believe that DC Comics wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

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And for #?!* sake, can the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe win a fight soon?

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