Cyclops #1 Review


Cyclops #1
(Marvel $3.99 May 7 , 2014)

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Russell Dauterman

Young Cyke has split from his team to spend sometime with his presumed dead father, Corsair. Seeing a younger Scott was refreshing compared to Xavier murdering old Scott over in Uncanny X-Men. This was a fun read about a kid lost in time and his space pirate father. The interactions between Scott and the Starjammers reminded me of comics from my youth. Scott’s a confused kid who has had a lot to take in. Love this take, such a drastic contrast to Old Cyke. Gotta be rough looking your self in the face and seeing you’ve become everything you never wanted to be. Looking forward to issue 2 when Corsair and Scott head out for a father-son adventure. If you are a fan of the Spacejammers, All-New X-Men, or fun in general check this book out

3 Star

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