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Steampunk Red Riding Hood #1 Review


Steampunk Red Riding Hood #1
(Antarctic Press $3.99 March 12, 2014 )

Written by Rod Espinosa
Art by Rod Espinosa

Who doesn’t love Steampunk interpretations of classic fairy tale characters? If you are some one who doesn’t appreciate Steampunk or Red Riding Hood take a pass. This was a fun book and obviously a re-imaging of the character. Not a single character went unchanged in this offering. Granny is a tank piloting hero and Red is her sidekick defending people from those who would do evil. Said evil would come in the form of The Big Bad Wolf and his gang.. Granny an Red dispatch them with ease and minimal violence. Red’s mother is included in this story and the Huntsmen is her man. He seems like a useless dick he doesn’t like Red hanging with Granny. We get a little more story, which I won’t spoil here. It was a fun book, a nice one and done story. From what I understand it is just a one shot, but from what I read it could have been a decent mini.

2 Star

New Warriors #1 Review


New Warriors #1
(Marvel Comics $3.99 Feb.19, 2014)

Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Marcus To

Spinning out of Nova comes the return of The New Warriors. Now, I was never a fan of the New Warriors, I only read this book for Scarlet Spider and Nova. That said those two were not enough to keep me interested. The issue is mostly introduction to the characters and setting them up against the big bad for the series. That big bad was High Evolutionary, which seems more fitting for Avengers but I digress. If you were a fan of previous editions of New Warriors jump on board. Fans of Scarlet Spider this is, currently, your only outlet for him. Which sucks in too many ways to give name. Too the fans of Nova, stick with Nova.

1.5 Star

The Punisher #1 Review


The Punisher #1
(Marvel Comics Feb 5 2014 $3.99)

Written by Nathan Edmondson
Art by Mitch Cerads

IF you have never read a Punisher book or have not read a Punisher book in a while this is definitely worth you time. Straight Frank doing what he does best, Death. No strings attached to this one and the surprise leaves you hooked in for issue 2


Forever Evil: Rouge’s Rebellion #1 (of 6) Review


Forever Evil: Rouge’s Rebellion #1 (of 6)
(DC Comics $3.99 Oct 16, 2013)

Written by Brian Buccellato
Art by Patrick Zircher and Scott Hepburn

And we have our second Forever Evil tie in mini, and this one I have been looking forward to. I am a huge fan of the Rouges, they’re some of my favorite villains in all of comics. That said this issue did not disappoint, well the writing anyway. The art was good at first but then turn almost cartoonish, which I feel did not serve the tone of the story well. Other wise a great start to what will be more than likely the best Forever Evil mini (IMO). This book displays the Rouge’s at their best and why they are not your typical villains. For them it’s not about ruling the world the are all about the score and the Crime Society has handed the world to the villains on a silver platter which does not suit them. Looking forward to issue two as the Rouge’s face off against Deathstorm and Power Ring. If your a fan of the Rouge’s, Forever Evil or just a completest I am sure you will pick this up and if you don’t you’re missing out.

3 Star

Memory Collectors #1 Review


Memory Collectors #1
(IDW $3.99 Oct. 9, 2013)

Written by Menton3
Art by Menton3

IDW has become one of my favorite publishers of late ’cause they like to take chances. That said I’m not sure this was a chance worth taking, it was a some what original idea. The gist of it is this, there are (for lack of a better term) emotional leeches who flood people with feelings and then feed on them (kind of like a Black Lantern). These “leeches” are hunted by a goth model who recruits goth models to help her in her quest, which is just about murdering these “leeches” and not about saving humanity. This reminded me of The Crow, not so much in content but in style, and it is a style I am not a fan of. Another problem I had with this book is the main characters hunt at comic conventions and have a comic based on what they do. I realize some people will think this is clever but I do not. I feel like this comic was just an excuse to have goth/s&m cosplay at a con. Nothing about these grabbed me and made me want to read the next issue but it wasn’t the worst comic I have ever read. My tastes are a little more mainstream than this offering. I am sure someone will like it, just not me.

1.5 Star

Shaolin Cowboy #1 Review


Shaolin Cowboy #1
(Dark Horse Comics $3.99 Oct. 9 ,2013)

Written by Geof Darrow
Art by Geof Darrow

Heard a lot about this comic, lots of praise. When I open the cover I was offended by what I first saw, paragraphs. I love comics and very rarely do I read a novel, its just not what I like to read. When I see this most times it is a complete turn off for me, but like I said I have heard things bout this book so I decided to give it a chance and I am glad I did. The first two pages of this book give you some back story on the Shaolin Cowboy and it is hilarious. I thought this book would be a hardcore take on the David Caradine Kung-Fu series but I was wrong. The back story is laced with pun filled wit showing the hero battling the evils of Cereal to Entertainment Corporations and more silliness in between, all who want Shaolin Cowboy dead because of his bad ass kung-fu grip and his support of Obamacare. This was way different from my expectations but I don’t think that’s bad thing. It had decisions in its style that would usually make me walk away from a book (two pages of text and that was the majority of the text in the issue) but this one made me laugh and that’s hard to come by now a days. If you like puns, zombies and a Shaolin Cowboy that wields a bow staff with chain saws attached this book is for you.


THREE #1 Review


(Image $2.99 Oct. 9, 2013)

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Jordie Bellaire

A look at the Spartan culture set one hundred years after the battle of Thermopylae.Not quite sure what the story of this books will be but the writer is taking a more historical (realistic) look at Spartans. I mean lets face it almost every warrior culture in the history of the world has been romanticized some where. As of this first issue the story is about some Helot’s slaughter by a group of Spartans caused be one helot being to loose with his tongue, debasing his betters. Love period pieces especially one that shine a little truth on the great warriors of old. If you like 300 this is definitely worth checking out. Solid art and a good story make this book well worth its price tag.


God is Dead #1 Review


God is Dead #1
(Avatar Press $3.99 Oct. 9, 2013)

Written by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Costa
Art by Di Amorim

Gods are definitely not dead and are very real, so I have learned from partaking in issue one of this series. This looks to be an interesting tale about the return of the Gods to Earth. When I say Gods I mean all of them, Viking, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu all of them (well the Christian God was missing from the mix). The books starts with catastrophes happening all over the world, Earthquakes, floods, massive sand storms etc. People are becoming overly religious in light of the reappearance of the Gods. Though there are a group of scientist in hiding trying to figure out how to kill them and reclaim the Earth. Towards the end of the issue Odin has set up a feast and gathering of the Gods, it is time to reclaim the Earth. Very interesting story, as one who is interested in religion in all its forms, I will be following this series. Will man prevail or will the Gods crush us beneath their feet (or will Jesus save?). If you’re looking something with a more heavy, Biblical tone give this a whirl. If religion in a touchy subject take a pass.


Superman-Wonder Woman #1 Review


Superman-Wonder Woman #1
(DC Comics $3.99 Oct. 9, 2013)

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Tony Daniel

DC’s power couple get there own comic and frankly it’s not a good thing. Most of the issue is spent with the duo trying saving the day and trying to squeeze in a romantic dinner, and then some Doomsday. It seems to me anything with Superman’s name on the cover is just a hot mess (Superman Unchained) Although I will credit this book with actually acknowledging Wonder Woman’s book ’cause imo that seems to get glossed over quite a bit in JL. I was probably one of the few fan boys who didn’t get all bent out of shape when DC decided to pair these two up, but that doesn’t mean I think they can carry a comic. I like Superman and Wonder Woman, I like them together. Wonder Woman’s book is one of DC’s best titles currently. Unfortunately I can not say the same for Superman, DC still struggles to find a voice for what should be their flagship character. Hopefully that changes soon, sadly I don’t see it happening here. Do what you will on this one but imo it’s a waste of $3.99

1.5 Star

Rocket Girl #1 Review


Rocket Girl #1
(Image Comics $3.50 Oct. 9, 2013)

Written by Brandon Montclare
Art by Amy Reeder

A teenage cop from a high tech future (2013) travels back in time (1986) to stop the invention of time travel and take down a mega corporation who is manipulating time, welcome to the world of Rocket Girl. I liked this book, it was fun and funny at the same time. It raises some questions like, Why is 1986 the present and 2013 the past among others? That aside it was a fun little read, not a whole lot laid out in this issue except the basics (it is only issue one). I love time travel and there are not enough female leads in modern comics. On those two points alone I’ll be back for issue two of Rocket Girl. If Teen cops traveling through time to take down bad guys is your thing this is worth picking up. Hell if you’re looking for something different give this a try.

3 Star