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Diamond Select Toys at C2E2 2016!

Here’s Junior’s interview from C2E2 this year with Diamond Select Toys representative, Zach Oat! In this interview, you get to see a couple of things that have been announced, somethings that are available for preorder and somethings that will soon be available for preorder. Enjoy and feel free to share the link!

Certain Toylines No Longer Carried At Target


If your Target currently has an endcap featuring Pop Vinyl, Walking Dead, World of Nintendo and a few other lines, it may not have them for much longer!
I went to a few different Targets today looking for WoN figures and noticed that a few of the stores didn’t have that endcap. I asked the department manager at one of the locations why they didn’t have one and he said that Target had discontinued carrying those items, save for a few Star Wars Pops in the electronics section set for the release of the movie next week. He said some stores were doing them, not all. Just a heads up for those of you who collect any of those lines.

Takara Finally Making a Shockwave Masterpiece! What Do I Do with My Fanstoys’ Quakwave?


For the last several years, 3rd party company Fanstoys has had a Shockwave Masterpiece like character out named Quakewave, shown in the first photo.  The price for him was steadily going up from the retail price of about $179 to anywhere  between $350-$500. It now seems that all has changed. Takara released official pictures for the Masterpiece line of Shockwave and Hot Rod Version 2.0. Although they have made a previous Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime before, the situation is much different for Shockwave. He is a more desired character and one that many thought Takara would not make or at least not any time soon. I personally own Quakewave and in no way am I sorry that I bought him. I decided when I purchased him that if Takara made their own version, I wouldn’t mind and still don’t. Why? Two reasons:

1: Quakewave will definitely have more die-cast parts, especially in the legs than Shockwave & I doubt Shockwave will have a separate light up feature in his eye and gun arm and I prefer Quakwaves’ bulkier legs to the more G1 accurate slim legs on Shockwave.

2: Should we buy Shockwave? Yes, I love Takara and do want an official one for my shelf but if I had only one choice based on the pictures and what I know of the way Takara has been making the Masterpiece line, I’d go with the Quakewave but to be honest, I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice right now. Shockwave is pre-ordered at about $179 and Quakewave has been re-released in different color shades and the original release is bound to deflate from it’s ridiculous high price. So don’t worry if you have a Quakewave and do not have the means to own a Takara Shockwave. I feel Quakewave will be sufficient to fill the void and if you get both, then keep them both. One thing is clear; there is room for all versions of him and many other characters and I’m sure we will continue to get them. Happy Hunting!

Update on Kraang & New TMNT Toys! Technodrome!




In an update to an earlier post, more images are surfacing of more new TMNT toys tying into the new movie! Playmates is giving us a Technodrome!!



Kraang Confirmed For TMNT 2

With rumors swirling around the internet about whether Kraang, the evil alien brain warlord of Dimension X, would be appearing in the new TMNT film later this summer, it’s made fans itch with anticipation for confirmation. Well Fans, that time has come!

Thanks to a Playmates Toy Catalog insert, the assortment for figures from the upcoming movie have been revealed and Kraang is indeed among them! Looks like they’re going with his classic cartoon look but with darker colors. Fellow Fans can’t wait for this movie! 26 years later, will this be the TMNT movie we’ve all been waiting for?


Super Excited for 2015 Kane County Toy Show!!!!




The Chicagoland area has a very strong toy community and throughout a year, it hosts it’s fair share of events with C2E2, Wizard World Chicago and dozens of comic/toy show events all year, but Kane County Toy Show is by far my favorite. We are lucky enough to get it twice a year. The first show is in early April and the second is in October. Something about it being fall season, close to Christmas and good coffee weather that makes this show in October my favorite. If you have not had the pleasure of going, I strongly recomend making the trip. They have multiple buildings with a range of toy collectables spanning from the early 1900’s to today. A great place to find a  missing piece to a collection or to start a new one from scratch. Anyone who’s anyone in the toy community is either selling or buying there and it is a great place to meet with random people with the same interests and talk toys! Bargins can be found and haggling is standard protocol. It’s a great place to take the whole family and has something for everyone. So hopefully we will see you there. Happy Hunting!

DC Collectibles B:TAS Batmobile Unboxing


DC Collectibles Unboxing

Sometime in October DC Collectibles drop the Batman the Animated Series Batmobile. This gem is part of the ongoing BTAS line due out sometime this month. As a collector of this series myself I can not wait to get my hands on this amazing looking recreation. As you can see from the video this Batmobile has lights, rolling wheels, and enough space in the cockpit for two figures. It is a must own for collectors of this line, Batman, or Batmobiles in general.

WrestlingFigs-Ringside Collectibles Presents Ringside Fest 2015!

Ringside Fest 2015 is going on right now and WrestlingFigs is killing us with tons of pictures of Mattel’s upcoming line ups for 2016! Behold the current offerings!


MONDO 1/6 Scale Donatello Pre-Order

Today, Mondo Tees will offer up their 2nd of 4 1/6th Scale TMNT action figures and it’s Donatello! When Leonardo went up last month it was around 11am Central time so make sure to get your order in, especially if you’re wanting one of the limited 500 versions! Payment is due in full at the time of order placement. Also keep in mind that all sales from them are final. Big Bad Toy Store Should have the non exclusive version up for preorder in a few days. Prices for the basic version are $150 and the limited run of 500 are $160. Keep in mind, the only thing making them limited is an added accessory.


Nick TMNT Mondo Gecko, Fugitiod & Mutant Shredders Hit MidWest!

Thanks to a member of the Facebook group, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nation named Alex P., we now have confirmation that the new Nick versions of Mutant Shredders, Mondo Gecko & Fugitiod are now hitting pegs! He noted that he purchased them at a Target in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Keeps your eyes peeled!