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#11- Lesnar Babyface?/TNA Departures/Jarrett Returns To Impact/WWE Talk & More!

Did Brock Lesnar go babyface during his return to Monday Night Raw? TNA looks like a sinking ship as talent leaves, WWE eyes talent from Ring of Honor, Global Force possibly taking over TNA’s spot on Destination America & more!

#10- Money In the Bank 2015 Results Vs Our Picks

This week, we breakdown the results of Money In the Bank, how our picks from last week stood up to the outcome and events spinning out of Money In the Bank into Raw and Smackdown.

#9- Dusty Rhodes/Money In the Bank 2015 Picks & More!

This week the wrestling world lost an icon. Join us as we mourn the loss of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. We also discuss Paul Heyman on Brock vs Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan and CM Punk beef, Smackdown possibly going live, Finn Balor, our picks for Money in the Bank & more!

#8- Wrestlemania 32 Rumors, Elimination Chamber 2015 Review & More!

In This Weeks Episode Our Topics Include WWE Elimination Chamber, Wrestlemainia 32 Rumors, Stone Cold Vs Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, Ruse, and Tyson Kidd Injuries, Kevin Owens & Jr’s Comments on the State of Wrestling

#7- WWE-NXT News, ROH On Destination America, Raw/Smackdown Draft

This Week We Are All Over The Place. WWE Superstar Sheamus Cast as Rocksteady in TMNT 2, Brian Still Doesn’t Like TnA, Ring Of Honor Heads To Destination America, More Random Wrestling News and We Make Our Own Picks for A Raw/Smackdown Draft. Raw GM’d by Brian and Smackdown by Junior. Which Show Would You Watch? Let Us Know!

#6- Global Force Roster, Bryan Relinquishes IC Title & More!

This Week We Talk About the Roster of Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling, Daniel Bryan Relinquishes the Intercontinental Title, A Little Splash of WWE, NXT, TnA, Lucha Underground And More

#5- Owen Hart, Undertaker’s Contract & More!

Undertaker’s Contract is up with WWE, WWE Is Working on a Owen Hart Documentary, and We Discuss Our Thoughts on The Super Fight of the Century, Mayweather vs Pacquiao & More

#4- WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Review

This Week We Review WWE Extreme Rules PPV, Talk A Little Lucha Underground and the Return of Damien Sandow

#3- Rey Mysterio, WWE/Kurt Angle & More!

Picks From Raw, Smackdown, TNA & NXT, Rey Mysterio Possibly Charged With Murder, Kurt Angle Not Returning to WWE, Taz Leaves TNA, Daniel Bryan Still Injured & More

#2- WWE Monday Night Raw Review 3/30 & 4/6 2015

In This Weeks Installment of The Lock Up, We Discuss the Past Two Weeks of Monday Night Raw Following Wrestlemania, and Our Thoughts On How Things Are Run and What We Would Like To See.