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#59- Bad Reporting/Sexuality in Comics/Dan Didio’s Bold Statement/Gambit & More

The Spinner Rack – Episode 59

In this weeks episodes we discuss bad reporting from comics sites,
Channing Tatum as Gambit, No new characters allowed at Marvel or are there , Sexuality in comics, Iron Man gets second title,Dan Didio says no more relaunches & more.

#58- SDCC ’15; One Fans Retrospective

The Spinner Rack Episode – 58

This week we are joined by a friend and past Comics Remixed member Cary “The Former Camera Guy”. We brought Carey in to live vicariously through him since he had the pleasure of attending SDCC a 2 weeks ago. We talk abut the overall experience of the con and what to expect if you ever get to attend.

#57- SDCC ’15 Movie News

This past Weekend was one of comics biggest conventions, San Diego Comic Con. So naturally this week we focused on all the big movie news coming out of the con. WB/DC TV, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Star Wars and more

#56- Interview with Aaron Moore of RIA Comics

This week we are interviewing Indie creator and founder of RIA Comics Aaron Moore. We discuss being an Indie creator and his upcoming projects If Powers, If Zombies and the all ages book Captain Zabibi and the Seven Summoners

#55- Tom Holland is Spider-Man/Star Trek- Green Lantern Movie news/Southern Bastards Variant & More

Some strange news from the set of Suicide Squad, Spider-Man has been cast in the MCU, Green Lantern movie news and rumors, Ant-Man film and comic news, Southern Bastards variant cover featuring the controversial Rebel Flag and more

#54- Chew Animated Feature / Dark Horse on Comixology / Miles Morales Not in MCU

The Spinner Rack – Breaking the 4th Wall : Episode 54
Presented By Comics Remixed
Hosted By “Big B” Brian Adams & Junior Ruiz

The Internet exploded with talk of Miles Morales as Spider-Man in the MCU only for people to come to the realization that its just a new comic, an animated feature of Chew is coming out, more Suicide Squad film news, Star Wars Rebels returns, CBR reports old news, Wolverine Old Man Logan rumors, and the Ghostbusters reboot set photos leak

#53- Spider-Man Casting / Gods & Monsters Chronicles / DC You Review & more

The Spinner Rack – Breaking the 4th Wall : Episode 53
Presented By Comics Remixed
Hosted By “Big B” Brian Adams & Junior Ruiz

This week we are joined by our boy “The Book” Chris Bookout. We start out with Captain America White, Star Wars comic line expands with Lando, Spider-man Casting, Justice League Gods and Monsters Chronicles, DC You Review and more

#52- All-New All Different Marvel Now / DC You & More

The Spinner Rack – Breaking the 4th Wall : Episode 52
Presented By Comics Remixed
Hosted By “Big B” Brian Adams

It’s Wednesday! Time for New Comics and an All New Episode of Breaking the 4th Wall. This Week We Discuss the Rumors Surrounding All-New All Different Marvel Now, James Wan Director of Furious 7 Set to Direct Aquaman and Robotech, Will Hugh Jackman Cameo in Deadpool and/or X-Men Apocalypse, Sam Jackson Not in Captain America: Civil War, Jason Statham as Bullseye, Justice League: Gods & Monsters, and the New 52 is over and DC You begins.

#51- DC: Everything Is In Continuity / Suicide Squad Movie / CW-DC TV

The Spinner Rack – Breaking the 4th Wall : Epiosde 51
Presented By Comics Remixed
Hosted By : “Big B” Brian Adams & Junior Ruiz

In This Weeks Episode We Disuss DC Comics New Stance on Continuity Post Convergnce, Secret Wars is Off To A Good Start, Suicide Squad Movie Leaks and Casting, Flash Season Finale, The Future of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and More

#50- Funko Pop! / JDF Vs CM Punk

The Spinner Rack – Breaking The 4th Wall: Episode 50
Presented By Comics Remixed
Hosted By “Big B” Brian Adams & Junior Ruiz

This Week On Breaking the 4th Wall We Talk Everyone’s new Addiction, Funko Pop! What makes Them So Appealing and How Many Forms do They Come in. Then We Switch Gears to a Cause Close to Our hearts Jason David frank, Former Green Ranger, Power Ranger in General, and MMA Fighter Versus Former WWE Superstar turned UFC Fighter CM Punk.