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Civil War Review (No Spoilers)


Ok so i’ll admit I wasn’t very excited to see more of the Avenger characters after seeing Age of Ultron, I walked away from that movie feeling let down (with the exception of the Hulkbuster vs Hulk fight). With that said here are my thoughts about Captain America: Civil War.

First things first the new Spider-Man is absolutely perfect. I don’t have a single complaint or concern about him. Pretty much flawless and I can’t wait to see more of him. Black Panther was awesome. I feel the same about him as I do about the new Spider-Man. Ant-Man wasn’t onscreen as much as I had hoped but he definently made it count when he was. All the characters were amazingly done. Some I believe were under used but with so much going on that is to be expected. I didn’t need to see much Hawkeye, Black Widow, War Machine or Vision anyway to enjoy it. Zemo felt unnecessary and almost felt like two movies happening at the same time but doesn’t really take away from the story.
Going into this movie I felt we’ve seen enough of Iron Man and Captain America to know what to expect but that isn’t the case at all. These are alot darker versions especially Iron Man. I think Marvel just out “DC’ed” DC while still feeling like a Marvel movie.

And anyone who has known me very long knows that I’m a hardcore DC fan and not a Marvel Fanboy so what I’m about to say should mean something. I (with a heavy heart) give Captain America: Civil War a 10 out of 10.

Lassoing Wonder Woman, the Animated Movie


I’ll admit going into this movie, Wonder Woman is the Justice League member I knew the least about. I knew the basics that everyone knows but that’s about it. With that being said, I really enjoyed the movie. I feel like I have a better understanding of the character.

The movie was very entertaining with Steve Trevor providing a lot of hilarious sexual innuendo one liners. When asked what he thought about Diana, he replied,

“She has a nice rack”.


One scene that stuck out to me was when Wonder Woman came across a little girl crying on a park bench because the boys wouldn’t let her play fight with them. So Diana picked up a stick and pointed it at them and told the girl to “Go bring hell!!!”

images (1)

The animated Wonder Woman adds more excitement for the live action Wonder Woman solo film that Batman v. Superman began.

I give Wonder Woman 3.5 out of 4 stars. A great movie for any DC fan.


The Perfect Comic Movie Will Probably Never Exist


Where do I even begin? I saw the movie and have been sitting on this blog because I wasn’t sure how to go about putting it together in a cohesive format as opposed to just typing a bunch of random pros and cons in no particular order. Wait…..”Pros & Cons in no particular order”? That sounds good! Let’s go that route, shall we?

Batfleck! Wow did he pull that off! He was the biggest gripe that fanboys had since the moment he was announced for the part but dammit if he didn’t own that role! He, by far, has been the best on-screen representation of BOTH Bruce Wayne as well as Batman. Well done, good sir! Talking to quite a few other fans and from what I’ve been reading online, the general population agrees with me on this!

Lex was portrayed in an interseting way. They definitely borrowed heavily from the influence of Ledger’s Joker but was it needed? We all know Lex to be a sociopath but this was a skittish, thoughts-all-over-the-place version. While I didn’t mind it, it felt a little off but being that I overall enjoyed it, I’ll call it a pro due to them thinking outside of the box with him and presenting him in a way he has yet to be seen.

Fans have been whining like little schoolgirls with a skinned knee about how dark Superman has been portrayed these last 2 movies. These are characters that have to change and grow with the times. We no longer live in a world that’s all apple pies and sunshine. We live in a real world that is full of violence and bad decisions. We live in a world where people are flawed. A world where we learn from our mistakes. None of us are made great straight from the go and that is the portrayal of Superman that we get. He’s been Superman for roughly 2 years. The Superman that fans are crying for doesn’t exist in this new cinematic universe. I enjoy this version of a Superman that is still learning that his actions have consequences. Fans can’t like Jared Leto’s new version of The Joker for being relatable with the times but not feel the same for Superman.

I still hold my position with that being that Amy Adams is not good choice for Lois. She doesn’t seem as formidable as Lois comes off in other media, be it comics or animation. Hell, even on Smallville, she was a badass! Alfred was cool. Nothing too exciting but not dull either.

There were a lot of memorable moments in this film. Some great and some not so. Some of the great ones were definitely the bombing during the hearing with Superman just left to look around at all of the death. That was a powerful moment. Doomsday continuing to morph was cool. He didn’t end up staying a Ninja Turtle/Goomba/Arkham Clayface looking thing. Wonder Woman showing up to help out was a welcomed addition as well. Gal Gadot came through nicely in her role. The bathtub scene between Lois & Clark was unnecessary. Sure, it showed humanity between a human and a godlike person but that could’ve been done in so many other ways.

I firmly believe that the biggest flaw of the movie came between the instant bromance between Batman & Superman with the mere mention of their mothers’ name. Now following that thought, I have read what director Zack Snyder has said about that scene and what the meaning really is. What it made Batman come to realize. While that all makes sense when you dig for that sort of explanation, it doesn’t make sense on the surface to Johnny and Jane movie-goer who are wondering if they’re watching an alternate cut of Step Brothers.

My other big gripe actually goes into cameo territory. While it was cool to see Cyborg & Aquaman, I can’t say the same for “El Flasho”.

El Flasho

El Flasho

Hippie man-bun complaints aside, why does he have a mustache? As petty as this sounds, according to fellow fans, it’s actually pretty big. When I saw “El Flasho” on screen during Bruce’s dream, the first image to pop to mind was this:

Super Amigos!

Super Amigos!

Tell me you didn’t either think the same or just now laugh out loud! While I’m all for diversity/change to iconic characters, (cough cough Nick Fury cough cough), it has to feel right and make sense. I’m sorry but I don’t think “Bernardo Alejandro” is cool. Sigh.

Lastly, the score to this movie really stood out to me as well. It made a lot of the scenes feel that much more powerful. Next time you watch, pay attention to that. Will I go out and buy the soundtrack? No, but I’d be remiss not to memtion the music.

Anyhow, to sum up this long read, I thoroughly did enjoy the movie and am anxious to watch it again. Remember, there will probably never be a perfect comic film. Hell, Watchmen, heralded as one of the greatest comic stories of all time and then adapted for the screen almost identically, still isn’t a perfect comic movie (even before the ending change). Just remember, Star Wars: the Force Awakens is out on Bluray/DVD this week…

3 Star

Son of Batman

download (3)

If you are a Damian Wayne fan then you will love this movie. If not then you probably won’t.

Son of Batman is one of my least favorite films in the DCAU. The movie is loaded with alot of inconsistent scenes. The biggest to me being that he beats Ubu to the point of him being put in the ICU but then gets knocked unconscious when a Man-Bat bumps into him.


Deathstroke is the main antagonist in this film which was exciting to me because Slade Wilson is my favorite DC character but they do not do him justice. His look is awesome but the voice actor seems like he came from a daytime soap opera and he was definitely not the deadliest assassin in the DCU. It was cool to see him lead the League of Shadows temporarily though.

This movie caused me to not like the Damian Wayne Robin because of the storytellers over-exaggerated version. Like him swimming 50 miles to an oil rig before the final fight of the movie.

Overall if you want to see an “origin” story for the newest Robin, then I guess it is worth watching. This movie was not for me. The best thing I can say about it is there is a trailer for Assault on Arkham.

1 Star

Gods and Monsters

  • images (12)

    Forget everything you know about the DC Universe while watching Bruce Timm’s Gods and Monsters. Nothing is as you know it to be. This is a movie about the Trinity, but not quite. Superman is no longer the son of Jor El, instead the last son of Krypton is the son of General Zod. Batman is no longer billionaire Bruce Wayne. Batman is none other than Kirk Langstrom, a.k.a Man-Bat. The most interesting to me is that Wonder Woman isn’t Diana of Themiscyra but Becca, the granddaughter of Ares and princess of Apokolips.
    This movie is extremely interesting to me because nothing is the same. Tons of altered cameos throughout the movie. If you are a tradionalist then you may not enjoy this movie but if you enjoy alternate universes, then it is definitely worth checking out.

    images (11)

    Also there are shorts on youtube of individual stories of each member of the Trinity that came out back before the movie was released and those are really good. The Batman one especially because of their take on Harley Quinn. If you watch the movie on Blu-Ray be sure to check out the special features. There is a great documentary about alternate realities/elsewords that is worth a watch.

    3 Star

  • Justice League vs Teen Titans

    images (5)

    I went into this movie expecting to see the Seniors fighting the Freshmen but the name of the movie is very misleading. The movie really has little to do with what the title suggests. It mostly serves as an origin story for Raven.
    That being said, I absolutely loved this movie. I’ve always been a fan of The Teen Titans comics. My favorite character in all of comics, Deathstroke, even originated being a reaccuring villian and sometime ally to the Titans.
    I won’t go into details about the movie to avoid giving away any spoilers but it should be a definite must watch for any Teen Titans fan. I really enjoyed the new line-up of members and I was very skeptical at first about how they would mesh together. Some of the Titans we expect are still there. Starfire is the leader now with Raven and Beast Boy also returning. New members Blue Beetle and Damian Wayne round out the group. Cameos from Cyborg and Dick Grayson add a bit of cool nostalgia to the film.
    download (2)

    Thanks to watching Marvel live action movies, I’ve been programed to watch every movie past the credits and Justice League vs Teen Titans does not disappoint. I won’t say what it shows but it did leave me wondering, is a Judas Contract movie coming?

    I give Justice League vs. Teen Titans a solid 3 Star

    Can the Suicide Squad Define the Future of the DCCU?

    “Superheroes have to win everytime, villains only need to win once”- Dan DiDio

    One of the ever going complaints I keep seeing about the style WB/DC chooses to go about making their movies is “They are too dark and not fun”. I personally enjoy the darker-toned WB/DC movies as well as the more light-hearted and fun Disney/Marvel movies. Each company offers something different and unique for the fans.
    So why not do both? A question David Ayers will soon be answering for comic fans with his movie Suicide Squad. No matter if you consider yourself a hardcore DC fan or a hardcore Marvel fan, this movie should be interesting and exciting because it will be combining styles. We already know the movie will draw criticism regardless of quality because of what it is about. It is an almost certainty that somewhere a soccer mom is already working on her letter to Warner Bros claiming they are glorifing being a villain. I just hope that people can refrain from adding fanboy hate to the fire until after they at least see the movie first. It is also inevitable that because DC is doing a lighter toned film that people will say they are copying Marvel especially with the new rumors of reshoots. So I guess no matter what they will get both praise and hate from movie goers.
    I believe that the Suicide Squad is the perfect choice from comics for this undertaking because after all, it seems like the villains are always the ones having the most fun. So finally seeing The Joker and Harley Quinn share the screen in live action format for the first time should be interesting.
    I do have concerns about some of the appearances of the Squad but I will wait to judge them until I see the final product of the movie when it is released in August. You never know. They could change like Doomsday did in Batman v. Superman. Until then, I’ll be anxiously waiting. I’m just happy that it is getting made. It is a great time to be a fan.

    Pre-conceived Judgement

    Custom Image-1

    It seems to be the trend now a days to form opinions about everything before you even have anything to base it on. It’s especially popular in the world of comics and movies. Before a trailer is even released, movies are already being praised or condemned. All it takes is a rumor that a movie might be made or that a character might appear and everyone has already made up their minds of whether they will like it or not.
    I am personally guilty of this myself. I understand being excited or not about a movie but forming a preconceived opinion before giving something a chance takes away from a movie experience you could’ve otherwise enjoyed.
    The worst part about people doing this is the social media bashing of a movie they haven’t even seen. This one is especially aggravating because not only are people ruining a movie they could’ve possibly enjoyed but they are trying to ruin it for others based off of nothing.
    Fanboys are probably the most guilty of this. Some hate movies based on nothing at all except for what company made it. I am a huge DC fanboy at heart but I don’t automatically hate a movie because it’s Marvel characters. I at least try to wait to see it. I am notoriously known for hating the character Deadpool but I loved the movie.
    I say all of this because of the undeserved hate that Batman v. Superman has been recieving this week. Most media sites tried sinking the movie calling it a failure before it was even released and fanboys were happy to jump on the bandwagon.
    Luckily fans didn’t listen to the bad press and the movie is becoming a success for DC/WB.
    My reviews will be done with no preconceived judgement going in; I can guarantee that. I am a fan of story telling and will give everything a fair review based on nothing other than my opinion alone after I watch something.

    Kraang Confirmed For TMNT 2

    With rumors swirling around the internet about whether Kraang, the evil alien brain warlord of Dimension X, would be appearing in the new TMNT film later this summer, it’s made fans itch with anticipation for confirmation. Well Fans, that time has come!

    Thanks to a Playmates Toy Catalog insert, the assortment for figures from the upcoming movie have been revealed and Kraang is indeed among them! Looks like they’re going with his classic cartoon look but with darker colors. Fellow Fans can’t wait for this movie! 26 years later, will this be the TMNT movie we’ve all been waiting for?


    Hasbro/Paramount Tease Shared Cinematic Universe


    Today, via The Hollywood Reporter, it was announced that Hasbro/Paramount is looking to expand their cinematic universe. This expansion and newly formed cohesive (I use the term lightly) cinematic universe would consist of G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Visionaries, Rom, & Micronaughts. All the Hasbro-owned properties were 80’s Toys and/or cartoon series. The concept of shared universes is a much discussed topic today with Marvel well into their cinematic universe, DC/WB about to kick theirs off, and Fox planning an X-Men shared universe. Is something of this scope even possible to pull off? Granted, we have seen team-ups between G.I. Joe & Transformers in the past via comic book series, but one has to ask can this really work? G.I. Joe has not seen the success of Transformers, which, in my opinion, while able to continue pumping out movies has not seen the success of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Is this really a smart move or something doomed to failure? Sure, some of these properties could definitely work well together; that’s not really the question on my mind, though. That question is, would you want to see this as an expanded U or stand-alone films? As of this writing, it’s all in the air and only time will tell. I, for one, just hope what ever they do I like it better than what they have already done.