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What’s In A Name?

So DC Comics has decided to go ahead and reveal The Jokers’ “true name” in the upcoming Justice League #50. In issue #42, Batman sat in the Mobius Chair and was granted all the knowledge in the universe. He asks what The Joker’s real name is and was definitely surprised by the answer by uttering “No, that’s not possible”. Before I get to why I think it’s a bad move (something DC seems to be doing a lot of), let me get something obvious out of the way first: this is obviously being done to garner more attention to the character as he will be returning to the big screen in Suicide Squad.


"I'm laughing at your stupid idea!"

“I’m laughing at your stupid idea!”



While getting eyes on a character that is soon to be seen by the masses is nothing we haven’t witnessed a billion times before, it’s the mishandling that’s got me (and plenty of you) holding your head in shame at DC.

Remember the late 80’s and most of the 90’s in comics? No I’m not talking about the variant cover fiasco, the multiple pouches on utility belts, some of the coolest stories for our favorite characters or even the big comic bust that nearly killed the market. During the aforementioned timeframe, there was a Marvel character who was EVERYWHERE. He was on every comic cover, in every story, all over toy aisles and even part of a Pizza Hut promotion. He was one of, if not the most popular character for comics in a very long time. That guy is none other than Wolverine.


If you were reading comics or even Wizard Magazine back in those days, you know what I’m talking about. Wolverine was a kick-ass take no names kind of guy with something that not many characters in comics could say they had: an unknown history. That is part of what made him so damn cool. The rebel with no background, just plenty of false memory implants to keep the readers wondering what was what and coming back every issue. Not including that “Wolverine’s nose has suddenly disappeared” era, one thing that’s always remained constant with that character was that us readers had no idea who he really was and we liked it that way. Then in November of 2001, Marvel decided to change that with the release of the 6-issue mini-series, Origin.




The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

Sure, the mini-series sold like gangbusters but by the end of it, readers were left wondering why it was released in the first place. Revealing his backstory took away from the mystery of who the character was and the guessing game that kept readers interested. In my honest opinion, the character hasn’t been the same since.

The big question here is, “Do they need to”? With a big 50th issue looming, they need something big and this time around, The Joker’s identity is it. They know it will definitely sell (I’m going to buy a copy so their plan is working) and it will definitely create shock and have people talking (you’re reading this blog, aren’t you?).

I personally think that it’ll take away from the mystique that surrounds the character. Sure, he’s had a few origin stories that may or may not have been true but that’s part of the appeal. Hell, the character has even said it himself!


By the way, since we are on the topic of The Joker and his true identity, I believe Jared Leto’s portrayal is not of The Joker but of Jason Todd or one of the Robins in general. I believe that is one of the other reasons DC has decided to go this route with him in the comics as his origin will play a factor this summer on the big screen. I’m calling it first so when it happens, you can remember that I called it on April 13, 2016!

To wrap this up, my fear is that The Joker may end up like Wolverine…a shell of his former selfs popularity. I hope I’m wrong.




Dawn of Comic Justice?


The New 52 sought to address a problem that didn’t even really exist. It was believed that the reason comic book sales were down was because there were very few starting points for new readers to jump on board, but like they say, “hind site has 20/20 vision” and we know now that just wasn’t the issue. Even if it would’ve been, DC’s approach was completely wrong.

Changing stories is to be expected and as a reader, often appreciated, but in some cases they completely changed the characters themselves, ignoring what it was that made them fan favorites for decades. Superman being one of the biggest victims of this treatment.

images (1)

His look was different, he acted different and even the way he talked was different. Doing this with a B-List character would be a different story but when done to one of your franchise characters, it leaves readers uninvested because it feels like an alternate reality or Elseworld story and you’re just waiting for him to return to normal.

To me the New 52 felt like a straight to video sequel to the original comics. As the sun is setting on The New 52 and we will soon be seeing Rebirth begin, I can’t help but think overall the last few comic years have been a waste; a bunch of time filler issues. It hasn’t produced a single standout story in my opinion. Nothing that will be remembered like “A Killing Joke” or “Dark Knight Returns”. Instead we got “Futures End” and “Convergence” and an empty feeling that comes with feeling like you wasted time and money on comics for the past few years.

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Now we have the promise of a “Rebirth”. Once again starting back at #1’s. I personally hope that Rebirth sticks with the no continuity approach because I firmly believe that it greatly limits storytelling. On the surface everything I’ve read about Rebirth sounds promising. I just hope it isn’t the diehard DC fan in me refusing to believe that DC Comics wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

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And for #?!* sake, can the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe win a fight soon?

What is SuperZero?!?

I love social media. Sure, it can sometimes cause idiotic drama that shouldn’t have started to begin with, you get thousands of memes, pictures of peoples kids, funny videos, news and tons of other things. One more thing I love about it is being able to interact with your favorite comic professionals! Over on Facebook, fan favorite writer, Jimmy Palmiotti has decided to tease us with his latest project.


“HERE is an example of the art from our new book for AfterShock Comics called SUPERZERO. Amanda and I are writing this ongoing monthly title featuring the talents of Rafael de Latorre and Marcello Maiolo on art and John J Hill on letters. This comes out in December. Trust me, if you enjoy Harley Quinn and Starfire, then you will want to give this a try. Please pre order it with your local retailer, because it will be sold out if you don’t.”

There it is folks! Make sure to get those preorders in! The image alone has piqued my (and others on his page) interest!

Batman & the TMNT: December Can’t Arrive Fast Enough


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of TMNT in all of it’s incarnations (yes, even Next Mutation & the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour) so every month when a new issue of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ongoing hits shops, I get excited. Not just for the great story currently being written by Tom Waltz and not just for the beautifully rendered artwork by Mateus Santolouco, but because, as stated, I am a fan. I’m also a fan of comics and good storytelling in general and that book hasn’t failed to deliver that combination since it’s inception. Being a fan of comics, it’s hard not to have a favorite Marvel and/or DC hero as well and in the case of the latter, mine is Batman. You could only imagine my face when I first read that the Heroes In A Half-Shell would be meeting the Dark Knight later this year! I was stoked! Hell, just writing about it gives me goosebumps!

While I’m heavily anticipating the release of the first issue, I read online about what the main plot of the series is and according to what I read on, it revolves around Batman finding out that The Foot Clan have been raiding Gotham City and that they were teleported there from another dimension but of course, they didn’t come alone. We all know how these types of crossovers work; Heroes with common cause are at odds with one another at first and as the story progresses, they realize they have a mutual enemy and then team up and save the day from there. I’m wondering which, not if, of Batman’s rogues will show up and align with The Foot. Come December 9th, I won’t have to wonder anymore.

Are you looking forward to this crossover? Sound off below in the comments section!

Shutter #1 Review


Shutter #1
(Image $2.99 Apr. 9, 2014)

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Leila del Duca

What a fun interesting read. The main character is Kate Kristopher, Kate and her family are special. They are explorers, but I’m not sure Kate is to thrilled with it. On her 27th birthday she goes to visit her father’s grave and is attacked by people claiming to want to help her. They want to protect her from her siblings, which are unknown to her. Not sure where this one is going or what the core story will really involve but it was a interesting read. Image has been slam dunking it as of late, this could possibly continue the trend. Skip a DC/Marvel book and pick this book up, if looks to be the start of something good.


Constantine Comes to Arrow


For months, fans of the NBC show Constantine campaigned for the show to return for a second season. When that fell through, we held our breath that another network would pick up Matt Ryan/Constantine and crew. Alas, that also didn’t not come to fruition. Yet when Stephen Amell of Arrow tweeted he would like to see Constantine join the CW line up, we felt maybe just maybe there was still a small light at the end of the tunnel. Well that light has ignited in to a full blown fire as it was annouuced today that the Constantine character, played by Matt Ryan, would be appearing in the upcoming season of Arrow. I dont know about you, but as a diehard Constantine fan, this is tremendous news. I, for one, am hoping a positive response to Constantine will bring a new show to the CW line up. #ConstantineLives

Bruce Timm Announces Killing Joke Animated Feature!


This is exciting news coming out of SDCC 2015. I am amazed this is even being made considering the surrounding controversy with the Joker cover of Batgirl that was pulled by DC due to fan outrage. Timm is a master in the animated realm so i am very excited to if he will deliver a faithful adaptation of the story or a watered down version.

And Our NEW Spider-Man Is…

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Tom Holland! If the name doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry because it didn’t with me either! He’s starred in films such as “The Impossible”, “Locke” and this December, will star in “In the Heart of the Sea”. He’s 19, so that’s a better suited age to play the character IMO instead of a 30 year old trying to portray a teenager. Marvel & Sony have also named a director in Jon Watts, who has directed the indie thriller “Cop Car”. “Spider-Man” (working title) by Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures is scheduled to be in theaters July 28, 2017.