Can the Suicide Squad Define the Future of the DCCU?

“Superheroes have to win everytime, villains only need to win once”- Dan DiDio

One of the ever going complaints I keep seeing about the style WB/DC chooses to go about making their movies is “They are too dark and not fun”. I personally enjoy the darker-toned WB/DC movies as well as the more light-hearted and fun Disney/Marvel movies. Each company offers something different and unique for the fans.
So why not do both? A question David Ayers will soon be answering for comic fans with his movie Suicide Squad. No matter if you consider yourself a hardcore DC fan or a hardcore Marvel fan, this movie should be interesting and exciting because it will be combining styles. We already know the movie will draw criticism regardless of quality because of what it is about. It is an almost certainty that somewhere a soccer mom is already working on her letter to Warner Bros claiming they are glorifing being a villain. I just hope that people can refrain from adding fanboy hate to the fire until after they at least see the movie first. It is also inevitable that because DC is doing a lighter toned film that people will say they are copying Marvel especially with the new rumors of reshoots. So I guess no matter what they will get both praise and hate from movie goers.
I believe that the Suicide Squad is the perfect choice from comics for this undertaking because after all, it seems like the villains are always the ones having the most fun. So finally seeing The Joker and Harley Quinn share the screen in live action format for the first time should be interesting.
I do have concerns about some of the appearances of the Squad but I will wait to judge them until I see the final product of the movie when it is released in August. You never know. They could change like Doomsday did in Batman v. Superman. Until then, I’ll be anxiously waiting. I’m just happy that it is getting made. It is a great time to be a fan.

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