Batman & Robin #23.2 Review


Batman and Robin #23.2
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 11, 2013)

Written by James Tyrion
Art by Jorge Lucas

The Court of Owls are back in this issue which ties into Forever Evil and also gives us some back story in the Court. Another good issue, I was not a huge fan of The Court of Owls when they first appeared in Batman. I think this was a better story than that story arc. I thought so much of this issue that I am now planning on checking out the Talon series. Tyrion (love that guy on Game of Thrones smile emoticon ) wrote a great story that was interesting and brutal. The Gotham Butcher was bad ass, would love to see a mini about his time as a Talon. The art was not my favorite but it fit the tone of the story. Again, another surprise for me ’cause I was sure I wouldn’t enjoy this issue but I thoroughly did. If you are a fan of The Court of Owls or Talon in general this is a must have. Keep it up DC, this is some of the best comics coming from the company since the inception of the New 52.

3 Star

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