Avengers Undercover #1 Review


Avengers Undercover #1
(Marvel Comics $2.99 Mar.12, 2014)

Written By: Dennis Hopeless
Art By: Kev Walker

Our favorite kids from Murder world return in this new series that promises one of our young heroes goes bad. This picks up three months after the end of Avengers Arena and deals with the fallout of Arcade broadcasting video of Murder world and the young heroes time there. Not everyone is dealing with things so well. Chase being the exception has taken to the talk show circuit, much to the chagrin of his friends. Most are trying to keep a low profile, with the exception of Bloodstone, who has set out to find and destroy all things associated with Arcade. This brings the others together in an attempt to stop their friend from going to far, which may be too late. Bloodstone’s fate my be even more dire that they realize as the final panels reveal he is being controlled and Baron Zemo is calling the shots. I enjoyed Avengers Arena and from the looks of it this may be a interesting follow up for fans of that series. Not many Avengers titles on my pull but this one is, for now anyway

2 Star

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