Aquaman #23.1 Review


Aquaman #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 11, 2013)

Written by Tony Bedard and Geoff Johns
Art by Claude St. Aubin

I love Aquaman, that’s right I said it. I was looking forward to this issue since I heard about it. Black Manta is one of my favorite Aquaman villains and I have been waiting for an origin story for him. Imagine my disappointment when that is not what I got in this issue. Most of these villains month issues have been origins, some with a slight tie-in to Forever Evil. Well, this was all Forever Evil tie in, so much so that half the issue is verbatim from FE. Like seriously??? How lazy can you be? Why put all this effort into origins for over half these books to just make this one a 75% rehash of FE? It wasn’t a level of suck on par with the Joker issue but it wasn’t good either. I mean why waste the time to show us a little smidge of new material? Although it is material that in the long run may explain Manta’s motivations in Forever Evil but I felt as a fan we deserved a little more. Well, at least the scenes with him from Forever Evil were right, unlike Two-Face which ignored what took place and did it’s own thing (way to keep in continuity DC editorial). If you’re one of those collectors that has to have all the issues in a run, get this… otherwise take a pass ’cause this is not the comic you were looking for.

1.5 Star

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