All-New Ultimates #1 Review


All-New Ultimates #1
(Marvel Comics $3.99 Mar.9, 2014)

Written By: Michel Fiffe
Art By: Amilcar Pinna

We all thought the Ultimate Universe was a goner(at least I did), but no the Ult U survived! All-New Ultimates is a different dynamic for precious versions, first off there is no more Shield. Second they are all kids. Honestly this book by all rights should be Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Now I’m not saying this is bad just different, like that time the Teen Titans took over for the Justice League. Sure there heroes but the name just doesn’t fit them. Maybe it they had been a little older, but anyway. The team is now comprised of Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Woman( Jessica Drew, Peter Parker’s clone, now the new Black Widow) Cloak, Dagger and Bombshell. They make a decent team but for me the core of this is the relationship between Miles and Jessica. Hell I wouldn’t mind a book just featuring the two of them. Most of the story deals with fallout from the war on Roxxon, some rouge scientists. Miles has a brief thought bout a name change and Jessica changes hers. We get some character growth out of Bombshell, Cloak and Dagger and Kitty Pride on the fence about what she should do next. I know I did a lot of complaining about the title of this book but no matter what it was called if you are a fan of the Ultimate U this is a good book. If you have been following the Ultimate line this is step one in the new phase. I for one enjoyed this book and have enjoyed the entire line. One does wonder how these young heroes fare without Shield to back them up? And how long can an Ultimates book last without Cap, Iron Man and Thor?


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