All-New Ghost Rider #1 Review


All-New Ghost Rider #1
(Marvel Comics $3.99 Mar.12, 2014)

Written By: Felipe Smith
Art By: Tradd Moore

Welcome to an All-New Ghost Rider! No Johnny Blaze or Dan Ketch in site, there’s a new kid in the drivers seat. Our new protagonist is a young mechanic by the name of Robbie Reyes. Robbie is a hard working guy who also takes care of his handicapped brother. They live in a bad neighborhood in LA. Robbie dreams of getting Gabe (the aforementioned brother) and himself out of there and some place better. This leads him to “borrow” a sweet hot rod from his work and he sets out to race for money. A race that ends badly for him but good for us, as we receive an all new Ghost Rider. I’m not one for big changes to a character. For me Ghost Rider has always been a blazing skull tearing down the street on a bad ass bike. Well rules where meant to be broken, and the evolution of the Rider begins. The idea of a old school hot rod on fire as the new chariot for GR is very cool, just a awesome visual. Speaking of visuals the art was not my favorite but it suited the tone of the book. If you are a Ghost Rider fan and can get past them changing your “beloved character”(remember he was a cowboy before Blaze or Ketch were ever around) It’s a fun book. I for one am excited for the ride.


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