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Comics Remixed is a brand “By Fans, For Fans“. We are not a news outlet per se, like many other comic sites. We share reported information and add our own thoughts and opinons, oftentimes using strong language that may not be suitable for all ages. We cover the world of comic books, toys and wrestling. Comics Remixed is a labor of love for the world that we grew up being fans of. For years, we were entertained by the stories others have written and drawn, the blood, sweat & tears left in a wrestling ring and we’ve spent countless hours (and allowance) playing with toys based on wrestlers, cartoons and comic characters we idolized. As adults, this is how we give back to the industry that has already given us so much and continues to do so on a daily basis. This is Comics Remixed.


Junior Ruiz
Junior is the owner and co-creator of Comics Remixed. He co-hosted the original show and currently co-hosts ‘The Spinner Rack’ & ‘The Lock-Up’ podcasts with “Big B” Brain Adams. He’s been a fan of comics and associated pop culture since he was a child but received his first comic at the age of 8. (It was Spider-Man #15 by Erik Larsen). He has a daughter named Harley Quinn. His comic collection stands at 26K+ and his sealed toy collection is at about 3k pieces! Born & raised in Chicago. His favorite movie and franchise of all time is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the 1990 film. Released a CD in 2009. Has a weakness for gummie bears/worms. Was once struck in the head with a crucifix as a child. Places Peter Laird & Kevin Eastman above Stan Lee.

“Big B” Brian Adams

B is a life long fan of comics, anime, cartoons, toys, professional wrestling, and video games. His first exposure to comics was from his Grandfather, Jack Overby, a World War 2 Veteran and fan of comics and sci-fi. He has carried the love of those mediums into adulthood and is passing it along to his son. First comic was Batman #320. Some of his favorite childhood cartoons are G.I. Joe, Transformers, Robotech, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Batman, Spider-Man, Flash and Green Lantern are among his favorite heroes. Akira Toriyama is one of his all time favorite creators. Favors the Attitude Era of professional wrestling. Currently co-hosts “The Spinner Rack” & “The Lock-Up” podcasts with Junior Ruiz.


Alex “Chi-Town Cylon” Martinez
Alex has been collecting action figures, statues & artwork for over 25 years. He loves the city of Chicago and everything it represents. He is a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, hence the handle “Chi-Town Cylon”. Grew up in a 80’s. Appreciates classic and original figures but loves the direction toys have been going toward today with superior articulation, detail, and greater paint applications. His top two favorite items in his collection are the 80’s Scott Bernard/Robotech Cyclone & MP-10 Optimus Prime by Hasbro. His Holy Grail which he hopes to one day have is the GI Joe USS Flag Carrier. His 15 seconds of fame came on the TV show “Toy Hunter”, in which he tried but could not obtain his holy grail.

Comics Remixed wouldn’t be what it is today without those who have contributed to the growth and success that the brand has. From the smallest help behind the scenes to on-camera, CR wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the following people: Israel Molina, Guillermo Munoz, Kyle Kazmier, David Chameli, Jon Paparella, Anthony & Vincent Blando, Dan Bielinski, Elliott Santiago, Melissa Lynn, Cary Davidow & of course, it’s co-founder, David Sanchez.

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