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Welcome to the hub of Comics Remixed! Here is a brief summary of the shows that have been and are currently apart of our brand! To view or listen to any of these shows, simply click the title of the show under our Categories section!

The Spinner Rack
TSR is the current main show from Comics Remixed. It is hosted by “Big B” Brian Adams & co-hosted by Junior Ruiz. This is the show for you if you want thoughts & opinions on current happenings in the world of comic books, related TV shows and movies. Usually posted on Wednesdays.

The Lock-Up Wrestling Podcast
The Lock-Up is our wrestling themed podcast. Anything and everything wrestling can be found in this show. TLU mainly covers WWE, but also discuses TNA, GFW, ROH & Lucha Underground as well as local indie promotions such as Dreamwave Wrestling. It is also hosted by Junior Ruiz & “Big B” Brian Adams. It is usually posted on Mondays.

Remixed Reviews
Remixed Reviews was once known as Collector’s Corner. It is hosted by Alex “Chi-Town Cylon” Martinez and focuses mainly on toy reviews. From toys still on pegs, Third Party brands, older toys no longer available at retail and statues, Alex makes sure to have a wide range when reviewing. Usually posted around the weekend.

Let’s Talk Toys
Let’s Talk Toys is a podcast hosted by Junior Ruiz and as the title suggests, is all about toys! From basic “toy education” for younger & new collectors such as what certain terms and abbreviations mean and general collecting tips, collecting stories, news and info on upcoming releases to store sales, sharing other collectors recent pick-ups & more, if you like talking toys and being interactive, this is the podcast for you!

The Spotlight
The Spotlight is a filmed show that features fans’ personal toy/comic collections as well as major creator sit-down interviews.
The 101
The 101 was a show hosted by Cary “The Cameraman” Davidow that ran for 6 episodes. The concept behind the show was to help fans out in the many different aspects of geekdom. Everyday, a new fan is made and nowadays, it can be pretty overwhelming in terms of where to start or even how to!

Collector’s Corner
Collector’s Corner was what Remixed Reviews became. Same show, same concept, new name!

Comics Remixed
The show that started it all! Hosted by the creators of the brand itself, David Sanchez & Junior Ruiz. The show introduced many different segments as well as many different and now familiar names and faces! Lots of opportunities and friends have been made due to the creation of this show. It also had it’s fair share of ups & downs behind the scenes. Running for 3 seasons, the show finally ended with David leaving due to being promoted in his career. Junior & David had an on-screen chemistry that couldn’t be duplicated due to their childhood friendship, so getting a replacement host didn’t seem right. To this day, Junior still gets approached by fans asking if it will ever resume.

All footage, including but not limited to, original recordings, interviews, store/personal collections, montages’ and images are property of Comics Remixed. All appearing on camera or photographed gave consent prior. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2012-2015.

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