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Can the Suicide Squad Define the Future of the DCCU?

“Superheroes have to win everytime, villains only need to win once”- Dan DiDio

One of the ever going complaints I keep seeing about the style WB/DC chooses to go about making their movies is “They are too dark and not fun”. I personally enjoy the darker-toned WB/DC movies as well as the more light-hearted and fun Disney/Marvel movies. Each company offers something different and unique for the fans.
So why not do both? A question David Ayers will soon be answering for comic fans with his movie Suicide Squad. No matter if you consider yourself a hardcore DC fan or a hardcore Marvel fan, this movie should be interesting and exciting because it will be combining styles. We already know the movie will draw criticism regardless of quality because of what it is about. It is an almost certainty that somewhere a soccer mom is already working on her letter to Warner Bros claiming they are glorifing being a villain. I just hope that people can refrain from adding fanboy hate to the fire until after they at least see the movie first. It is also inevitable that because DC is doing a lighter toned film that people will say they are copying Marvel especially with the new rumors of reshoots. So I guess no matter what they will get both praise and hate from movie goers.
I believe that the Suicide Squad is the perfect choice from comics for this undertaking because after all, it seems like the villains are always the ones having the most fun. So finally seeing The Joker and Harley Quinn share the screen in live action format for the first time should be interesting.
I do have concerns about some of the appearances of the Squad but I will wait to judge them until I see the final product of the movie when it is released in August. You never know. They could change like Doomsday did in Batman v. Superman. Until then, I’ll be anxiously waiting. I’m just happy that it is getting made. It is a great time to be a fan.

Certain Toylines No Longer Carried At Target


If your Target currently has an endcap featuring Pop Vinyl, Walking Dead, World of Nintendo and a few other lines, it may not have them for much longer!
I went to a few different Targets today looking for WoN figures and noticed that a few of the stores didn’t have that endcap. I asked the department manager at one of the locations why they didn’t have one and he said that Target had discontinued carrying those items, save for a few Star Wars Pops in the electronics section set for the release of the movie next week. He said some stores were doing them, not all. Just a heads up for those of you who collect any of those lines.

Takara Finally Making a Shockwave Masterpiece! What Do I Do with My Fanstoys’ Quakwave?


For the last several years, 3rd party company Fanstoys has had a Shockwave Masterpiece like character out named Quakewave, shown in the first photo.  The price for him was steadily going up from the retail price of about $179 to anywhere  between $350-$500. It now seems that all has changed. Takara released official pictures for the Masterpiece line of Shockwave and Hot Rod Version 2.0. Although they have made a previous Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime before, the situation is much different for Shockwave. He is a more desired character and one that many thought Takara would not make or at least not any time soon. I personally own Quakewave and in no way am I sorry that I bought him. I decided when I purchased him that if Takara made their own version, I wouldn’t mind and still don’t. Why? Two reasons:

1: Quakewave will definitely have more die-cast parts, especially in the legs than Shockwave & I doubt Shockwave will have a separate light up feature in his eye and gun arm and I prefer Quakwaves’ bulkier legs to the more G1 accurate slim legs on Shockwave.

2: Should we buy Shockwave? Yes, I love Takara and do want an official one for my shelf but if I had only one choice based on the pictures and what I know of the way Takara has been making the Masterpiece line, I’d go with the Quakewave but to be honest, I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice right now. Shockwave is pre-ordered at about $179 and Quakewave has been re-released in different color shades and the original release is bound to deflate from it’s ridiculous high price. So don’t worry if you have a Quakewave and do not have the means to own a Takara Shockwave. I feel Quakewave will be sufficient to fill the void and if you get both, then keep them both. One thing is clear; there is room for all versions of him and many other characters and I’m sure we will continue to get them. Happy Hunting!

Pre-conceived Judgement

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It seems to be the trend now a days to form opinions about everything before you even have anything to base it on. It’s especially popular in the world of comics and movies. Before a trailer is even released, movies are already being praised or condemned. All it takes is a rumor that a movie might be made or that a character might appear and everyone has already made up their minds of whether they will like it or not.
I am personally guilty of this myself. I understand being excited or not about a movie but forming a preconceived opinion before giving something a chance takes away from a movie experience you could’ve otherwise enjoyed.
The worst part about people doing this is the social media bashing of a movie they haven’t even seen. This one is especially aggravating because not only are people ruining a movie they could’ve possibly enjoyed but they are trying to ruin it for others based off of nothing.
Fanboys are probably the most guilty of this. Some hate movies based on nothing at all except for what company made it. I am a huge DC fanboy at heart but I don’t automatically hate a movie because it’s Marvel characters. I at least try to wait to see it. I am notoriously known for hating the character Deadpool but I loved the movie.
I say all of this because of the undeserved hate that Batman v. Superman has been recieving this week. Most media sites tried sinking the movie calling it a failure before it was even released and fanboys were happy to jump on the bandwagon.
Luckily fans didn’t listen to the bad press and the movie is becoming a success for DC/WB.
My reviews will be done with no preconceived judgement going in; I can guarantee that. I am a fan of story telling and will give everything a fair review based on nothing other than my opinion alone after I watch something.

Chris Claremont Talks X-Men & More At C2E2 ’16!

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#59- Bad Reporting/Sexuality in Comics/Dan Didio’s Bold Statement/Gambit & More

The Spinner Rack – Episode 59

In this weeks episodes we discuss bad reporting from comics sites,
Channing Tatum as Gambit, No new characters allowed at Marvel or are there , Sexuality in comics, Iron Man gets second title,Dan Didio says no more relaunches & more.

#58- SDCC ’15; One Fans Retrospective

The Spinner Rack Episode – 58

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