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Racism Rears It’s Ugly Head in a Galaxy Not So Far Far Away



It seems like every day we are inundated with some type of new offense in the world. Be it racism, sexism, or something else. Sometimes I find myself on various sides of these “issues”. What I am about to write about should just offend us all. Is there an anti- white agenda to Star Wars Episode VII? This concept is so ignorant my head is about to explode. I am going to try and keep this from turning into an expletive filled tirade on the ignorant bigots behind the racist Star Wars hashtag which I refuse to mention. I will not give attention to this backwards thinking troglodytes. Actually allow me to apologize to troglodytes for offending them by comparing them to these ignorant people. How in the hell can you possibly come to the conclusion that Star Wars Ep VII is spreading a anti-white agenda? What kind of whack a do **** stick comes to that conclusion? These dumb ***holes are making me feel ashamed to be a white male. So what if the main characters are not white males. Is the world we live in, and entertainment exclusive to Caucasians? I understand getting up in arms cause Human Torch is African-American in the latest movie, or any well-established character race being change. I get that it’s annoying but if the overall story is the same and it changes nothing of the character what does it matter? It doesn’t, but labeling a movie as racist propaganda because the lead characters are not white males is just pure ignorance. So every other race of people in Star Wars is acceptable but a black Jedi is not? As an old fan, one who grew up with Star Wars (I was 2 in 77 when the original movie came out), where the hell did these close minded fanboys come from? Do they secretly harbor hatred towards Darth Vader because he was voiced by James Earl Jones? Do they loathe black leader of Cloud City Lando Calrissian? He is the smoothest dude in the galaxy. If you don’t hate them why hate the current leads? That’s just something I don’t understand. I get hating Jar jar, he was ****ing annoying, but this I just don’t get. Must be some kind of special ***hole to be able to related to this message. Allow me, on behalf of all white males in the world we all share, to apologize for these ignorant racist ***holes. I’m sorry people like this exist. Hating someone because of their skin color is unacceptable and so is bashing a beloved franchise because the leads are not white males. Get the **** over yourselves and leave our Star Wars alone cause there is no room for you or your racist, sexist views in a galaxy far far away.

Force Awakens Movie Ticket Scalping


In less than 24 hours, ticket scalpers and scumbags looking to prey on us Nerds have decided to show their lack of common sense and post tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens on eBay for stupid amounts of cash!


Seriously? I know that people who aren’t fanboys don’t know that scalping things we love aren’t exactly the brightest bunch but c’mon! What’s even worse are the ” true die-hard fanboys” willing to pay these prices! There have been other sites that have mentioned tickets going into the thousand dollar price range! Geeze!

Were you able to get tickets? Are you planning on seeing it opening night/weekend?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer!

As if this needs any intro….

Super Excited for 2015 Kane County Toy Show!!!!




The Chicagoland area has a very strong toy community and throughout a year, it hosts it’s fair share of events with C2E2, Wizard World Chicago and dozens of comic/toy show events all year, but Kane County Toy Show is by far my favorite. We are lucky enough to get it twice a year. The first show is in early April and the second is in October. Something about it being fall season, close to Christmas and good coffee weather that makes this show in October my favorite. If you have not had the pleasure of going, I strongly recomend making the trip. They have multiple buildings with a range of toy collectables spanning from the early 1900’s to today. A great place to find a  missing piece to a collection or to start a new one from scratch. Anyone who’s anyone in the toy community is either selling or buying there and it is a great place to meet with random people with the same interests and talk toys! Bargins can be found and haggling is standard protocol. It’s a great place to take the whole family and has something for everyone. So hopefully we will see you there. Happy Hunting!

Has Marvel Gained the Movie Rights to Fantastic Four Back?

So the latest rumor regarding Marvel Studios and Fox hit the net yesterday morning and it was about Marvel now gaining control of the FF franchise from Fox as part of a trade that saw Marvel give the TV rights for the X-Universe to Fox for development of Hellfire and Legion shows.

Well according to, that rumor has been debunked and put to bed as it was revealed that Fox already had the rights to begin with as well as Marvel Studios and Marvel Television being two separate entities. Another match on the fire was Marvel Studios’ announcement of 3 untitled movies hitting in 2020 and one of them possibly being FF. Fans across the world can now go back to cursing Fox.

DC Collectibles B:TAS Batmobile Unboxing


DC Collectibles Unboxing

Sometime in October DC Collectibles drop the Batman the Animated Series Batmobile. This gem is part of the ongoing BTAS line due out sometime this month. As a collector of this series myself I can not wait to get my hands on this amazing looking recreation. As you can see from the video this Batmobile has lights, rolling wheels, and enough space in the cockpit for two figures. It is a must own for collectors of this line, Batman, or Batmobiles in general.

JLA Coming to Cartoon Network Fall 2016


Photo by Reddit user UninownJ25

Photo by Reddit user UninownJ25

Back in September a picture posted on Reddit showed what looked to be a wall of posters featuring shows in Cartoon Networks current line up. At the end on the line is a poster containing an all to familiar logo, JLA. Speculation ran and has now been confirmed by Cartoon Network that a JLA show is coming in fall of 2016. As of this moment that is all the information available. As fans of DC animation know CN was the home of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Bruce Timm ran both shows and I personally hope he is somehow involved in the new show. I also wonder which version of the JLA will the team consist of. Will they go with the core seven? I’m sure Cyborg will be on the team, but with the popularity on Teen Titans maybe not. Will it be animated in the classic DCAU style or CG? So many more questions spring to mind as my anticipation on this show hits full throttle. As soon as DC and Cartoon Network release more information we here at Comics Remixed will provide our thoughts.

WrestlingFigs-Ringside Collectibles Presents Ringside Fest 2015!

Ringside Fest 2015 is going on right now and WrestlingFigs is killing us with tons of pictures of Mattel’s upcoming line ups for 2016! Behold the current offerings!


What is SuperZero?!?

I love social media. Sure, it can sometimes cause idiotic drama that shouldn’t have started to begin with, you get thousands of memes, pictures of peoples kids, funny videos, news and tons of other things. One more thing I love about it is being able to interact with your favorite comic professionals! Over on Facebook, fan favorite writer, Jimmy Palmiotti has decided to tease us with his latest project.


“HERE is an example of the art from our new book for AfterShock Comics called SUPERZERO. Amanda and I are writing this ongoing monthly title featuring the talents of Rafael de Latorre and Marcello Maiolo on art and John J Hill on letters. This comes out in December. Trust me, if you enjoy Harley Quinn and Starfire, then you will want to give this a try. Please pre order it with your local retailer, because it will be sold out if you don’t.”

There it is folks! Make sure to get those preorders in! The image alone has piqued my (and others on his page) interest!