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Batman & the TMNT: December Can’t Arrive Fast Enough


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of TMNT in all of it’s incarnations (yes, even Next Mutation & the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour) so every month when a new issue of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ongoing hits shops, I get excited. Not just for the great story currently being written by Tom Waltz and not just for the beautifully rendered artwork by Mateus Santolouco, but because, as stated, I am a fan. I’m also a fan of comics and good storytelling in general and that book hasn’t failed to deliver that combination since it’s inception. Being a fan of comics, it’s hard not to have a favorite Marvel and/or DC hero as well and in the case of the latter, mine is Batman. You could only imagine my face when I first read that the Heroes In A Half-Shell would be meeting the Dark Knight later this year! I was stoked! Hell, just writing about it gives me goosebumps!

While I’m heavily anticipating the release of the first issue, I read online about what the main plot of the series is and according to what I read on, it revolves around Batman finding out that The Foot Clan have been raiding Gotham City and that they were teleported there from another dimension but of course, they didn’t come alone. We all know how these types of crossovers work; Heroes with common cause are at odds with one another at first and as the story progresses, they realize they have a mutual enemy and then team up and save the day from there. I’m wondering which, not if, of Batman’s rogues will show up and align with The Foot. Come December 9th, I won’t have to wonder anymore.

Are you looking forward to this crossover? Sound off below in the comments section!

Cyclops #1 Review


Cyclops #1
(Marvel $3.99 May 7 , 2014)

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Russell Dauterman

Young Cyke has split from his team to spend sometime with his presumed dead father, Corsair. Seeing a younger Scott was refreshing compared to Xavier murdering old Scott over in Uncanny X-Men. This was a fun read about a kid lost in time and his space pirate father. The interactions between Scott and the Starjammers reminded me of comics from my youth. Scott’s a confused kid who has had a lot to take in. Love this take, such a drastic contrast to Old Cyke. Gotta be rough looking your self in the face and seeing you’ve become everything you never wanted to be. Looking forward to issue 2 when Corsair and Scott head out for a father-son adventure. If you are a fan of the Spacejammers, All-New X-Men, or fun in general check this book out

3 Star

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Review


Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1
(Marvel $3.99 May 7, 2014)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by David Marquez

Do I really need to review this. SO easy, this is a great comic starting a new chapter. If you never read any Spider-Miles now is the time. A perfect jump on point for new readers. This, to me. was the best of the relaunched Ult. U. Miles is a great replacement for Peter, and has been a fun character to read. If that’s not enough of a pitch for you to read this book then here’s a little spoiler for you……Green Goblin is back! This is an exciting time for fans of the Ultimate Spider-Man series as we will soon be seeing Miles facing off against Peter’s killer.

3 Star

Secret Origins #1 Review


Secret Origins #1
(DC Comics $4.99 Apr. 23, 2014)

Written by Tony Bedard, Kyle Higgins, Greg Pak
Art by Lee Bermejo, Andy Kubert

New ongoing from DC just hit (last month anyway) giving us the origins for the New 52. First up Superman, not a whole lot different here, Told from his mothers’ perspective, both Lara and Martha. This time around we are shown the great love instilled in baby Kal by Lara and Martha’s sense of that love in him. Kind of a weird acknowledgment of both mothers of each other. Next up Dick Grayson, again not much different. He’s a good kid, his parents are proud. They die, we all know the rest. And Supergirl, who was just the same. I am sure you see a pattern here. So my rating won’t surprise you. Not saying this series is not worth checking out, but this issue is a definite pass.

1 Star

Ultimate FF #1 Review


Ultimate FF #1
(Marvel $3.99 Apr. 16, 2014)

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Mario Guevara

The Future Foundation makes it’s first appearance in the Ult. U. Susan Storm, Agent Coulson, Iron Man, Falcon and Danny Ketch/Machine Man make up the team so far. They’re dealing with fall out from Galactus, trans dimensional anomalies left behind, and bringing together the worlds most intelligent people to solve future threats. Iron Man’s suit design is awful and when did Danny Ketch become Machine Man?? Those complaints aside this was still a mediocre comic. It did have one redeeming quality the appearance of a new possible member, Dr. Doom. I know we saw this is the 616 FF a few years ago but this is the Doom. The weird hoofed one who first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four, not the one Ben Grim killed at the end of Ultimatum. That alone brings me back for issue 2, the best part of an otherwise lack luster issue.

1.5 Star

Hulk #1 Review


Hulk #1
(Marvel $3.99 Apr. 16, 2014)

Written by Mark Waid
Art by Mark Bagley

I enjoyed the last Hulk run, also written by Waid. It did start to bore me though. I had reservations about this re launched Hulk with Waid still writing. At first it seemed like a rehash of the Hulk’s origin. Yet told from a newly introduced character from Banner’s past. Now I was expecting something more and was disappointed. Then he pulled the rug (the metaphorical one under your feet grin emoticon ) just a little and the stories pov shifted. Something semi magical happened next. The end of the book……..Spoiler Alert!!! Bruce Banner has “irreversible brain damage”…..damn. Was not what I was expecting but a pleasant surprises, something new. I’ve seen so many different Hulks, but never one where Banner was brain damaged. Over all it was a ok issue and the final reveal was definitely the hook to bring you back for issue 2.


Batman Eternal #1 Review


Batman Eternal #1
(DC Comics $2.99 Apr.9 ,2014)
Written by Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder
Art by Jason Fabok

I know what your thinking, another Batman book, How many is that now? And a weekly on top of it. Well this was better than anything Batman lately. Mostly a Gordon focused story. Batman crucified on his signal, a new recruit for the GCPD, Gordon is seeing things and one mistake just destroyed his career. I had no plans on reading this series, because imo Batman comics are pretty bad right now. Eternal has given me a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe I can get one decent Batman comic…….4 times a month. Weekly comics are a hard sell, especially with lots of good comics out now. Trying to justify what to buy is not easy. Let me help you out. Are you reading Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and ????? or any of the other Batman titles……..drop them and read Eternal. Maybe things will have improved in the other titles by the time it is over.

3 Star

Shutter #1 Review


Shutter #1
(Image $2.99 Apr. 9, 2014)

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Leila del Duca

What a fun interesting read. The main character is Kate Kristopher, Kate and her family are special. They are explorers, but I’m not sure Kate is to thrilled with it. On her 27th birthday she goes to visit her father’s grave and is attacked by people claiming to want to help her. They want to protect her from her siblings, which are unknown to her. Not sure where this one is going or what the core story will really involve but it was a interesting read. Image has been slam dunking it as of late, this could possibly continue the trend. Skip a DC/Marvel book and pick this book up, if looks to be the start of something good.


Flash Gordon #1 Review


Flash Gordon #1
(Dynamite $3.99 Apr. 9, 2014)

Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Evan Shaner

FLASH! AHH AHHHH!!!!! Good to have old Flash Gordon back at it. Not much for set up, Parker just throws you into the mix. We get some slight back story with Flash, Dale and Prof. Zarkov but mostly them being chased by Ming’s troops. Like I said not a lot of set up pre or post Mongo. Was a quick fun read and the characters seemed like the ones I remember just tweaked slightly. It appears Flash is not a Pro Quarterback, but that was never said either. Like I said lot of gray but I’m sure 6 issues in everything will be clearer. If your a fan of Flash or looking for something different this is $4 well spent.

2 Star

The Six Million Dollar Man – Season 6 #1 Review


The Six Million Dollar Man – Season 6 #1
(Dynamite $3.99 Mar. 12, 2014)

Written by Jim Kuhoric
Art by Juan Antonio Ramirez

Steve Austin is Back! No, not Stone Cold but the Six Million Dollar Man. After I don’t know how long Steve makes his return. This comic plays directly from the TV show, not that I remember much about it. It is considered to be the lost 6th season. Honestly nothing to say about this one. Story was ok, art was sufficient. Steve punched a shark, made me laugh. Not something I would consider sticking with. I’m sure there target audience is out there, it’s just not me. Now if you are a fan of the show this is geared towards you.

1 Star