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Detective Comics #23.1 Review


Detective Comics #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Derek Fridolfs
Art by Javier Pina

Poison Ivy is one of the better redesigns in the New 52, less sex appeal more danger. This issue ties into Forever Evil and also gives us an extended and updated origin for Pamela Isley(Poison Ivy if you didn’t know). I was very impressed with this issue, the new origin was well executed and her time as a Bird of Prey is mentioned. It’s nice to see that someone in the Bat editorial office is tapped into the comings and goings of the Batverse. Really dig that her power set allows here to tap into the Green(Swamp Thing should have had a run in with her by now). She has been very under used in Batman books but hopefully that will all change once Forever Evil comes to and end. If you are a fan of the character this is definitely needed in you collection. Really enjoyed all aspects of this book, especially the look of the art in the flash back sequences.


Batman The Dark Knight #23.1


Batman The Dark Knight #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Writen by Gail Simone
Art by Derlis Santacruz

Loved the reinvention of the Ventriloquist in Batgirl and here we get her insane origin courtesy of her creator Gail Simone. This is one of the best Bat villains books so far. Like most of the good ones it does take place during Forever Evil and it fleshes out the background of the Ventriloquist more. This is just a creepy ass book, the chick, her doll all creepy as fuck. I know pre New 52 we had a female in this role but she’s got nothing on this version. Loved this issue , hell I love this character. Give me more please, I just can not get enough. Short and sweet(just like my woman) this one is a buy and there is not much more I can say about it.

3 Star

Batman & Robin #23.1 Review


Batman and Robin #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Guillem March

This .1 issue was pretty good, no bother for an origin here. We all know Two-Face and we all know how he got that way. Obviously a origin for him was unneeded since he is relatively the same guy as before. This book takes place during Forever Evil and does have the occasional flashback here and there. Again I am gonna keep this short since there wasn’t much story here outside of Two-Face killing a lot of people all leading to him taking over the court house and handing out justice Two-Face style. There is a good scene with him standing on the Bat Signal pondering if he should save Gotham or not. He does clash with the ideals set forth by the society which would lead you to believe he would become a force for some what good. But no that is not the case. I do have one minor complaint about this books story, his decision to join the society plays out differently than it did in Forever Evil #1. I am kind of a continuity buff and I hate when they do something twice. Nice slip up there DC editorial, should have caught that one. Other wise was a good book way better than the Joker one(horrid crap) Never heard of Gillem March but I dig his art, fine looking book. If you are gonna pick up some villains month books this one is a solid pick, especially for you Bat-fanatics.


Action Comics #23.1 Review


Action Comics # 23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Art by Mike Hawthorne

Hell yes!!! Bring on the Cyborg Superman. I liked the previous Hank Henshaw version and I expected a twist in his origin and man what a twist it is. Cyborg Superman is no longer Hank Henshaw and his origin will leave fans of Superman slack jawed. Most of this story takes place in the days before the demise of Krypton. We see a whole new side of the House of El, enter Zor-El(Brother of Jor-El and father of Supergirl). Zor is the lesser brother, he is not as smart as Jor but is looking for a way to out smart him. He believes he can save Krypton while Jor knows it is doomed. Where it really gets good is Zor signals Braniac to come and help them and when Brainiac shows up all is lost and Zor is still alive, albeit barely. Brainiac changes Zor into something unrecognizable to what he once was. This was once of the greater intros so far and I really can’t wait for Superman to cross paths with his Cyborg counterpart. That is gonna be some great reading right there. It’s about time something good happened in Superman line, if you have been waiting for some greatness you prayers may have just been answered. I enjoyed this comics extremely, it was dark and brutal. Just what you want out of a villain centric book. If you are a Superman fan this is a must have cause one of his greatest villains(imho) has been recreated and it is awesome.

3 Star

Batman #23.1 Review


Batman #23.1
(DC Comics $3.99/$2.99 Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Andy Kubert
Art by Andy Clarke

This is gonna be really short because frankly this issue sucked. It starts out as if they are actually gonna give you an origin for the Joker but that’s not what you get. This book is just trash, if you actually spent money on it I am sorry you wasted your money. To people considering purchasing this issue just lite your 3-4 dollars on fire cause it will be better used in this way. Now I know why I thought these Villains month issues would suck…because they do. This was a lame story with just over the top fantastical elements that I could just not look past. Joker and a baby gorilla, a gorilla which he raises and trains to be a somewhat efficient killer. This is just *ucking ludicrous and I really am insulted by the handling of what is one of my favorite Batman villains. I was reading it thinking” WTF is this crap”. I was actually excited to be done with it. So for those of you who have been keeping up with my reviews and wondering when I was gonna really hate on something….well here it is. Andy Kubert should stick to art cause this writing was a huge plate of suck.

,5 Star

X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1 Review


X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1
(Marvel Comics $3.99 Sept 4, 2013)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Frank Cho, Stuart Immonen and Wade Von Grawbadger

After months of build up, the X-Men event of the year starts. Much has changed in the Mutant’s world and the past year has seen the X-Men divided to such a point that Beast has brought the original 5 X-Men to the present to show them what went wrong in hopes of changing things for the better. Wolverine is headmaster at the Jean Grey School for higher learning. Cyclops is a wanted man for his crimes during AvX and as I stated before the original X-Men are in the mix. As with all great X-Men stories, this one is heavy on the time travel. Magik goes into the future to see if it’s really worth fighting for and while there he sees a future version of himself battling Sentinels. As anyone following Uncanny and All New can attest to, Sentinels are making a comeback as is the Mutant gene. It’s been a race between the two opposing X-camps in recruiting these new mutants. Professor Kitty and the OG’s head out to try and stop a new mutant who is on a rampage. While trying to detain this, new mutant sentinels show up and the All New X-Men are obviously out matched. Cyclops and his X-Men show up and save them but during the battle young Cyclops is injured and dies and present cyclops disappears. A new mutant on the Uncanny team with healing powers manages to save young Cyclops and, as he regains consciousness, present day Cyke returns leaving everyone wondering what the hell just happened. Throw in an appearance by a mysterious group of future X-Men and Battle of the Atom is off to a great start. Now, I am not the biggest fan of Bendis. In my opinion he has written some second rate stories (I hated almost every event he has written in the last decade), but he has really stepped up his game. Uncanny and All New are some of the best books in the realm of X-men and Marvel as a whole. I’m looking forward to where this crossover is going, even if it means I have to read books I normally don’t bother with. It’s good to see the X-Men back at the top of their game and hopefully Bendis keeps it up.

3 Star

Forever Evil #1 Review


Forever Evil #1
(DC Comics $3.99 Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by David Finch

DC’s first line-wide crossover for the New 52 is upon us. This was not something I was looking forward to (if you listen to the Spinner Rack you’d know I bashed it in an issue), but like I said in my review for last weeks JL#23 my mind has been changed. I am sure I’m not the only one who didn’t see this coming (apparently there are a lot of psychic nerds on the internet who did or are just to cool to admit something came as a surprise). The Crime Syndicate has returned, and what a return it was. Sure, you could say “been there, done that” but that could apply to any medium in pop culture (as I always have said at this point in the game there really are not any original ideas left… just different takes on things you have already seen). So let’s get to the Crime Syndicate, by all appearances they seem the same just with a couple new additions. Power Ring is a complete opposite of Hal Jordan, where Hal was overconfident Power Ring is a hot mess of uncertainty. There are some other slight changes and also the addition of Deathstorm(Firestorm) Atomica and The Outsider (revealed to be Owlman’s Butler in JL#23). Most of the characterizations seemed the same to me. The first problem I have with this book is the lack of a back story. I want to know what happened to the Justice Leagues, now hopefully Johns will give that to us (unlike Bendis who just threw us into AoU with no idea how shit went down). Outside of the missing JL, Nightwing is the first casualty of Forever Evil and I wonder what his fate will be. Most of the villains are shown mulling over the offer to join the Crime Syndicate although I’m sure they will not take no for an answer. This seems like it will be a successful crossover but I won’t count my chickens before they’ve hatched. I have faith in Johns ability to craft a great story and Finch’s art is quality as always. My favorite scene thus far: Ultraman snorting Kryptonite… that scene was pure money for me. Who doesn’t like an Evil Superman who gets a super powered high from Kryptonite?? Looking forward to seeing this unfold as I believe it will be one of the better events of the year.

3 Star

Iron Man #15 Review


Iron Man # 15
(Marvel Comics $3.99 Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Carlo Pagulayan

First off, let me say I was a huge Iron Man fan growing up. That all changed for me with Civil War… for me, that event turned Tony Stark into a huge prick. I have not really cared for the character since. Honestly, that event soured me off of Marvel Comics all together but I did give them another go at the start of Marvel Now. At first, I felt Iron Man was a massive suck-fest and I was ready to bail. Gillen immediately takes Stark out of his normal Earth-bound adventures and sends him into space (I’m sure this has something to do with his impending induction into the Guardians of the Galaxy but that has not happened as of yet). The Secret Origin of Tony Stark that is currently running in the title got me to stay a little longer. I’m not saying the story is great but it is definitely entertaining. It’s not a massive overhaul on the origin but it does add some layers to what already exists. The addition of Death’s Heads involvement also helped (Death’s Head is awesome, IMO). Basically, for those not currently following Iron Man, Tony’s parents make a deal with an alien robot because something was wrong with baby Tony (yada yada yada)… which brings us to the present, and the Robot’s end game, for Tony to pilot a giant Godkiller machine. Obviously Tony is not compliant with this and mayhem ensues. It’s not a bad arc in an otherwise bad comic. Honestly the best thing about this book is the art and that for me is never enough of a sell. I like the pretty pictures but need the substance of a solid story also. If you are a fan of Shellhead, check it out… if you are a new fan interested in seeing what Iron Man has to offer, The Secret Origin of Tony Stark would be a decent jump on point.

1.5 Star

Avengera A.I. #3 Review


Avengers A.I. #3
(Marvel Comics $2.99 Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Andre Lima Aradujo

One of the few things to come out of the hot mess that was Age of Ultron (aside from Angela, Hunger and Time being broken) is an all A.I. team lead by Hank Pym. Not a bad idea but, in my opinion, a poorly executed one. Now I don’t blame this on Humphries because it’s probably an editorial issue, apparently no one told him the Pym has been redeemed over the last few years and has actually been a leader again (see Avengers Academy). It seems like this was just an opportunity for Marvel to try and bring Pym back to the fore front even though it seems to me they already had been. Moving past Hank Pym, the cast is made of Avengers main stay The Vision, who, as far as I know, hasn’t been around a whole lot since Avengers Disassembled… Victor Mancha (son of Ultron), Alexis (new character), and a re purposed, yet still bearing the old attitude, Doombot. The premise is ok but I’m not really sure this comic will survive among the multitude of Avengers comics already on the shelves. It does, however, seem to directly deal with fallout for AoU and that may help or hinder it depending on whether or not you were actually a fan of AoU. I personally enjoy the book, although I must admit it’s mostly because of Doombot. Hell, if he had his own book I think it would sell just as well as Deadpool. I really feel that Doombot is the character to keep an eye on. As for the rest of this book it is really hit or miss. I usually give new books 6 issues before I decide but I have a feeling that it won’t take that long with this one.

1 Star

Thor : God of Thunder #12 Review


Thor: God of Thunder #12
(Marvel Comics $3.99 Aug. 28, 2013)

Written by Jason Arron
Art by Nic Klein

Another stellar issue in what, in my opinion, is possibly the greatest Thor run in years. Hell, it’s almost not right for me to even review this book ’cause I love it. In my eyes Jason Arron and Thor are like chocolate and peanut butter, made for each other. After 11 issues of three-Thor awesomeness, Thor (present day that is) goes back to midgard. He has learned a lot from his experience battling Gor, at least it seems that way to me. Thor spends time doing Godly things… feeding children, making rain, simply true acts of a god. He even goes to see an old flame, one who I don’t remember seeing in the MU in some time but will be familiar (in name at least) to people who have seen the movie… Jane Foster. Upon his arrival to her home she tells him she has cancer. What follows is a touching glimpse into the lives of people living with cancer. I know I found the scenes impactful because I was able to relate to them, having lost loved ones to cancer like so many others. It was a wonderful glimpse into a man who can do anything yet needs to understand that sometimes you have no choice but to let things be, let people do things on their own in their own way. For me personally, I felt it really grounded Thor, which was a excellent move on Arron’s part. He really has a great grasp on his craft. The art changed hands this issue and while it did not have the painted portrait-like quality of Esad Rebic I felt Klein’s was a worthy replacement. He handles facial expression very well, you could read the emotions Thor was experiencing. Now, after all that praise here comes a nugget of criticism… how the hell did Thor take Jane to the Moon with no space suit? Fine, you wanna say there is a pocket of breathable atmosphere on the Moon, it’s a comic, I’ll accept it, but how the hell did she get there? It’s funny that with all the fantastic things shown during this run of Thor this is the first WTF moment for me. Now that my complaint is out of the way I will add that we did get glimpses of Young and King Thor. The point in seeing them being Thor always returns to Midgard. The end of the issue we see King Thor going to Midgard and shit is messed up. I wonder if this will tie into time being broken in the MU. I guess we will wait and see, it’s been a hell of a ride so far and I for one am not ready for it to stop. If you are not partaking in this godly awesomeness shame on you cause you are missing “THE” Thor run of Thor runs.