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Detective Comics #23.2 Review


Detective Comics #23.2
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 11, 2013)

Written by Justin Gray
Art by Jimmy Palmiotti

Not seen since the Batman annual, Mr. Freeze makes his chilling return. What a return it is. Like some of the Villains Month titles this one ties into and flashes back giving us a sample of what made Victor who he is and where he is currently. I really feel like this is a little redundant, but damn man, this was a good book. The art was ok, I felt Freeze looked a little small to me but the writing was excellent. Freeze is an insane monster who you just have to like when he kills inmates to save a nurse’s life (she had been kind to him), and the brutality isn’t just there, he murders his Doctor before his escape from Arkham in a poetic fashion. This was a great introduction for one of Batman’s greatest rouges. My only complaint for this issue is that his powers are no longer weapons based. He, like Captain Cold, is physically capable of creating ice (I thought it was a nice change when they did it to Captain Cold, figured this would make him stand out from Freeze, and now he and Cap Cold are basically the same again). Beyond that this was a fantastic issue and definitely worth picking up.

3 Star

Batman & Robin #23.2 Review


Batman and Robin #23.2
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 11, 2013)

Written by James Tyrion
Art by Jorge Lucas

The Court of Owls are back in this issue which ties into Forever Evil and also gives us some back story in the Court. Another good issue, I was not a huge fan of The Court of Owls when they first appeared in Batman. I think this was a better story than that story arc. I thought so much of this issue that I am now planning on checking out the Talon series. Tyrion (love that guy on Game of Thrones smile emoticon ) wrote a great story that was interesting and brutal. The Gotham Butcher was bad ass, would love to see a mini about his time as a Talon. The art was not my favorite but it fit the tone of the story. Again, another surprise for me ’cause I was sure I wouldn’t enjoy this issue but I thoroughly did. If you are a fan of The Court of Owls or Talon in general this is a must have. Keep it up DC, this is some of the best comics coming from the company since the inception of the New 52.

3 Star

Batman #23.2 Review


Batman #23.2
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 11, 2013)

Written by Ray Fawkes
Art by Jeremy Haun

After the hot garbage that was 23.1, I was not expecting much. Maybe that’s why I liked this issue or maybe it was just a good issue. The Riddler is the star of this issue and damn does he make a good impression. Taking place during the events of Forever Evil, this issue shows us what Nygma does best. This was a seriously sadistic and brutal Riddler, something I have never seen from this character before. I was very surprised by this issue, probably the best one-and-done Riddler story I have ever read. Loved the riddles in the beginning and how they played out in the story. One of the best point issues I have read so far. My only complaint is at the end of the issue it says “continued in Batman # 25 Zero Year”, how the hell is that supposed to happen if this took place during Forever Evil. That one gripe aside, a fantastic issue, definitely worth your $2.99 (unless you can find a 3D copy for $3.99).


Aquaman #23.1 Review


Aquaman #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 11, 2013)

Written by Tony Bedard and Geoff Johns
Art by Claude St. Aubin

I love Aquaman, that’s right I said it. I was looking forward to this issue since I heard about it. Black Manta is one of my favorite Aquaman villains and I have been waiting for an origin story for him. Imagine my disappointment when that is not what I got in this issue. Most of these villains month issues have been origins, some with a slight tie-in to Forever Evil. Well, this was all Forever Evil tie in, so much so that half the issue is verbatim from FE. Like seriously??? How lazy can you be? Why put all this effort into origins for over half these books to just make this one a 75% rehash of FE? It wasn’t a level of suck on par with the Joker issue but it wasn’t good either. I mean why waste the time to show us a little smidge of new material? Although it is material that in the long run may explain Manta’s motivations in Forever Evil but I felt as a fan we deserved a little more. Well, at least the scenes with him from Forever Evil were right, unlike Two-Face which ignored what took place and did it’s own thing (way to keep in continuity DC editorial). If you’re one of those collectors that has to have all the issues in a run, get this… otherwise take a pass ’cause this is not the comic you were looking for.

1.5 Star

Earth-2 #15.1 Review


Earth 2 #15.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Yildiray Cinar

Another home run for DC’s Villains Month. Levitz succeeded in taking a lame creepy uncle character and making him a bad ass. This is what the New 52 was supposed to be about. I’m glad to see they got the idea even if it did take them two years. I was pretty sure that this issue would be on my list of suck, but no, it was surprisingly good. Desaad was a frightening monster compared to his pre 52 counterpart. I really had nothing good to say about the character til now. For me, he went from lame molester-looking douche to a ghoulish freaking bad ass. Paul Levitz is not one of my favorite writers but he did good here and Yildiray Cinar’s art work is excellent. Missed his style ever since he left Firestorm. Good job DC, just when I thought this month would have nothing to offer me you stepped it up.

3 Star

The Flash #23.1 Review


The Flash #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Brian Buccellato
Art by Chris Batista

Grodd is back and badder than ever! They’ve souped up his power set, and he is now Flash’s equal in every way. This issue shows the gorillas trying to make amends with the people of the Gem cities when Grodd shows up to raise some hell. He has escaped from the speed force and has learned a thing or two. Grodd retakes his place as King and claims the city to be Gorilla City. This book has been great since relaunch and I hope it stays that way. Buccellato crafts an excellent story of a returned Grodd and Batista keeps the art on par with what we have come to expect from this series. Short and sweet of it is if you like The Flash get this book

3 Star

Green Lantern #23.1 Review


Green Lantern #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Rags Morales

Like the majority of the villains titles this week this one was an origin story (big surprise there), a must needed one though. Relic made his first appearance recently and seemed to be another in a string of no explanation bad guys. I was wrong, this issue puts some perspective into who Relic is and why he wishes to extinguish the light wielders. Was a really good story, IMO, and I have a little more faith in Venditti. This was one of the few issues actually written by the series writer (should have been more of that) and I love Rags Morales’s art, (one of my favorite artists currently). If you are a Green Lantern fan and have been following this book I suggest you pick it up since it lays out the motivation behind Relic.


Justice League Dark #23.1 Review


Justice League Dark #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept 4, 2013

Written by Ann Nocenti
Art by Chriscross, Fabio Fiorentino and Tom Derenick

The Creeper… well, this was different. This was a completely new origin for the Creeper. I was expecting the same old Anti-hero and instead he is more of a villain. It was a brutal book (few of those this week). I liked the story and it looks like I should have kept reading Katana ’cause it all ties together. I dig the new design for The Creeper, all demonic looking and not campy like before. I’m not sure what they intend to do with him but I’ll check it out. If you like the Creeper and are looking for something a little darker check this out.

2 Star

Justice League #23.1 Review


Justice League #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Greg Pac
Art by Paulo Siquira and Netho Diaz

I, like many people who are DC fans, have wondered (well I know I have) how does Darkseid come to be in this new continuity? Personally I never really knew his origin to begin with, making this issue a treat. Not only do we get Darkseid’s origin but the death of the old gods and the birth of the new gods. On top of that we get to see what Darkseid was up to before he invaded Earth (JL issues 1-6) and we are shown that he has invaded other Earths as well. In fact he even invaded Earth 2 (man, I love when they tie things together all nice-like). It really was a tremendous issue. Pak was on his game for this one and the artists, whom I have never heard of, did an excellent job visually bringing us this tale. If you’re a fan of Darkseid and continuity this one is a must have.

3 Star

Superman #23.1 Review


Superman #23.1
(DC Comics $2.99/$3.99 3D Sept. 4, 2013)

Written by Sholly Fisch
Art by Jeff Johnson

Well this book was suckie. I like Bizarro and expected a lot more than I got. This was more a Luthor centered story than Bizarro. I have never heard of thi writer and I kind of doubt I will again. Really for me it was just a bad idea on the origin of Bizarro. I mean don’t get me wrong he is in the story but it will not be the same Bizarro unleashed upon the DCnu. I does some what take him back to the root of being Luthor’s anti-Superman but he is a failed experiment and does not survive the issue. Now it is all set up for Luthor to try again but if you were hoping for the big guy this issue you ain’t getting him. This was just a crap issue for me. I mean ya I guess it kind of was his origin but you don’t really get the final product and that for me equals FAIL! A little more put into this and a little less Lex(he is getting his own book later in the month) would have been a good idea, at least to me. If you are a fan don’t bother cause this one just bombed.

,5 Star