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#22- DC’s 3D Cover Allocations

The Spinner Rack Issue 22 : DC’s 3D Cover Allocations

Welcome back to The Spinner Rack! Issue 22 : DC’s 3D Allocations. Brian and Junior discuss this major screw up of DC and it’s effects on fans and retailers alike. We were promised awesome 3D covers and DC dropped the ball, is this just a clever ruse or an error on the part of DC? Listen in on our opinions of DC’s biggest flub yet. Issue 22 of The Spinner Rack : DC’s 3D Allocations

#21- Marvel Universe Figures, The End of the Line

The Spinner Rack Issue 21 : Marvel Universe Figures, The End of the Line

It’s the show with the kung fu grip…..The Spinner Rack Issue 21 Marvel Universe Figures, The End of the line. In this all new issue we discuss the retiring of the Marvel Universe figure line. As us nerds know this was a highly successful and a beautifully produced line of action figures. Will it’s replacement line be as successful or will they be peg warmers. Plus we hit on the recent news coming out of Matty Find out Brian and Junior’s thoughts along with guest Jon Paparella and Cary the Camera Guy. It’s toy time!

#20- Bat Casting

The Spinner Rack Issue 20 : Bat Casting

It’s Friday and time for an all new issue of The Spinner Rack. This week Brian and Junior talk Batman. In light of last weeks announcement that Ben Affleck will be the new Batman the guys discuss their thoughts on the Affleck as Batman and previous actors who have also played The Dark Knight. Issue 20 of The Spinner Rack Bat Casting.

#19- Age of Ultron

The Spinner Rack Issue 19 : Age of Ultron

Welcome Back to The Spinner Rack! Issue 19 Age of Ultron. This week Brian, Junior, Jon, and a quiet Cary the Camera Guy discuss Marvel’s big event for the summer. Listen as we pick this event apart and discuss past events that we enjoyed. Did we love or loathe Age of Ultron, find out in The Spinner Rack Issue 19

#18- Villains Month & Forever Evil

The Spinner Rack Issue 18 : Villains Month & Forever Evil

In this new Issue of The Spinner Rack Brian, Junior, Cary the Camera Guy and Jon discuss DC’s Villains Month and Forever Evil. We’re 2 years into DC’s New 52 and to celebrate its second anniversary DC brings an all Villains month. What do we think of the idea of replacing every title in September with Villains one shots leading into a line wide crossover Forever Evil? What do we think about the multiple point books almost tripling DC’s output for September? Is it greatness in the making or just a cash grab? Find out our thoughts and more in Issue 18 of The Spinner Rack.

17- SDCC 2013 Movie Announcements

The Spinner Rack Issue 17 : SDCC 2013 Movie Announcements

It’s time for your favorite fan boys to discuss movie news coming out of one of Nerdoms biggest cons, San Diego Comicon. Issue 17 of The Spinner Rack, SDCC Movie Announcements. There was some big movie news coming out of SDCC as usual. Big B, Junior, Cary the Camera Guy, and Jon Paperella talk about the upcoming movies from DC and Marvel, Batman/Superman, X-Men DOFP, Avengers 2, Godzilla and more.

#16- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Spinner Rack Issue 16 : Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

It’s Morphin Time! In this weeks Issue Brian and Junior are joined by Cary the Camera Guy and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan boy extreme Jon Papparella as we discuss the phenomenon that is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This issue Jon talks and he talks a lot. Jon and Junior teach us the finer points of MMPR as Brian and Cary soak it in. If you’re a fan of MMPR then this is the issue to listen to. The Spinner Rack Issue 16 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Our NEW Spider-Man Is…

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Tom Holland! If the name doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry because it didn’t with me either! He’s starred in films such as “The Impossible”, “Locke” and this December, will star in “In the Heart of the Sea”. He’s 19, so that’s a better suited age to play the character IMO instead of a 30 year old trying to portray a teenager. Marvel & Sony have also named a director in Jon Watts, who has directed the indie thriller “Cop Car”. “Spider-Man” (working title) by Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures is scheduled to be in theaters July 28, 2017.

#15- Toy Scalping Part 2

Biggity Bam! The Spinner Rack is back! Issue 15: Part Two. Join Big B, Junior and guests Cary the Camera Guy, Jon Paperella from Comics Remixed and our Special Guest via phone The Toy Hunting Master Dennis Barger as we wrap up our thoughts and views on toy scalping. Issue 15: Toy Scalping – The Good,The Bad and The Ugly Part 2

#14- Toy Scalping Part 1

BOOM!!!!! Issue 14 of The Spinner Rack is here. In this first part of a two part discussion Big B and Junior sit down with Cary the Camera Guy, Jon Paperella from Comics Remixed and in a Spinner Rack first on the phone our Special Guest Toy Scalper Extraordinaire Dennis Barger. Sit back and enjoy The Spinner Rack Issue 14 Toy Scalping: The Good,The Bad and The Ugly.