Aquaman and the Others #1 Review


Aquaman and the Others #1
(DC Comics $2.99 Apr. 2, 2014)

Written By:Dan Jurgens
Art By: Lan Medina

Aquaman has a second book..Never thought I’d see the day that DC would give Aquaman a second book, leading a team no less. If you have been reading Aquaman since the launch of the New 52 you know who the The Others are, ff not here’s the short. Aquaman was part of a team and each member had a Atlantean artifact. They were like Batman and The Outsiders (but not as cool) These artifacts are now losing power and each member is attacked for their artifact. They all re team with Aquaman and head out to solve the mystery of their failing powers. Story was ok, art was ok. Not the greatest first issue I have ever read, but it was good enough that I’ll give it a chance to wow me. As for you, be adventurous. Go for the gold, in a medium that is loaded with the same mainstream heroes at least this concept is somewhat fairly new.

2 Star

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